Film Review: Chained

– A disturbing look into a father/son/protege relationship.

Chained is a glimpse into the life of 9 year old Tim. After a trip to the cinema, Tims father insists that him and his mother take a cab home. They end up in the back of serial killer Bob’s car. Bye-bye mum and hello to a life of slavery.

chained out on DVD

Rabbit, as Tim has been re-named, is forced to help Bob around the house with menial house chores, such as burying bodies, cleaning blood, keeping scrapbooks and feeding Bob. The film focuses on the ‘relationship’ between captor and captee. This isn’t a generic case of Stockholm Syndrome, he doesn’t like his captor.

Repulsed by Bob and his ways, Rabbit doesn’t seem to have the strength, mentally or physically, to fight back. You get into the rhythm of the movie, um-ing and ah-ing as to whether he will break free from his father figure captor, and then boom, a twist you don’t expect.

chained out on DVD

Vincent D’Onofrio as Bob is completely engulfed by the relatively unknown Eamon Farren(above) who plays the older Rabbit. He doesn’t need to talk much, he looks the part. He’s sad, emaciated and timid. Literally a Rabbit caught in headlights.

eight out of tenThe end result is disgusting, horrific and everything a good scary movie should be.

Cert 18
Director – Jenniferer Lynch
Starring – Vincent D’Onofrio, Eamon Farren, Evan Bird
DVD Release Date – 4th February 2013