Film Review : Extraction

Thomas Jacobs is trapped for over 4 years, knowing that his daughter has probably been born but doesn’t know if he’ll ever get out to meet her. So like most people would Thomas invents a machine that enables him to go into someone’s head and observe their memories.

Film Review -The Assassination

The Assassination was actually filmed in 2008, then-titled ‘Assassination of a High School President’ it was put out in the States in 2009, but its distributor, Yari Film Group went bankrupted and only now has Signature Enterainment bought the rights and the movie is seeing the light of day in the UK.

Film Review: Chained

The end result is disgusting, horrific and everything a good scary movie should be.

Movie Review: 13

There is some tension in the movie. With cocked guns, the players aiming at the person in front, waiting for the spider decorated bulb to light, meaning they can shoot. The actors perspire, and you do sit at the edge of our seat waiting to see who will survive each round.

Film Review: Ted

The comedy is un-apologetically politically un-correct, but it’s also touching and moving, and at times, genuinely sad. You start to forget it’s a CGI bear that you’re watching, acting.

DVD Review: Hell

It’s worth mentioning first; it’s a German film, with English subtitles. I didn’t know this before watching, but don’t let it put you off. Hell is a clever title. In its native German, it means ‘bright’, but it works in English too. A big well done to writer Tim Fehlbaum.