Game Review: DmC – Devil May Cry

DMC Devil May CryDevil May Cry is an awesome button bashing, style blaring franchise. I’ve been hooked on them since the first PlayStation 2 game and have eagerly awaited each sequel.

Now nearly 5 years after the last game (Devil May Cry 4), in which our main hero was fairly absent in favour of a younger doppelganger with a mysterious past, DmC is here, rebooted and barring little resemblance to its past incarnations.

Ninja Theory took the basics of the Devil May Cry story and shaped them into an entirely new world where a demon God rules the world under a mask of corporations, sugary drinks and suggestion.

The Whole universe has been updated with extensive constantly changing scenery and arenas against a backdrop of a modern city with a hellish landscape pounding to get through and wreak havoc.

Our Hero, Dante, without his infamous white hair and red coat but still full to the brim with attitude, quick wit and armed to the teeth. He ploughs through hordes of new enemies and old favourites with classic weapons and deadly new ones. Dante wasn’t the only character to undergo radical change. My favourite character, Vergil is now a good guy (or so it seems) complete with terrible pimp hat and hacking skills but he is still sporting his detachment and trademark Devil arm, Yamato

The Game is extremely player friendly. You can switch difficulty, weapons and upgrade at ease and most of all smash the living hell out of all number of demons and look pretty awesome doing it.

Devil May Cry for me was always about the story and other than delighting in mauling everything in sight the cut scenes made me keep playing. dmC is no exception with some amazing dialogue and nail biting cliff hangers. They create an updated version of Dante’s origins and legend.
Like any remake there are nods to the originals, all the achievements are quotes from previous Devil May Crys and his devil mode bears an affinity to his former glory.

I was sceptical when all the new look details were released but as with any reboot it is not always a popular choice to mess with a classic but I have been entirely won over by this new Dante and the only issues I have with the new game are that is it possibly alittle too short though it has massive replay factor and DLC (Vergil’s Downfall) out next month.
I hope die hard Devil May Cry Fans will be won over has I have been and it is bound to bring some more fans to the game as it is a delightful, fun and brutal.

Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Rating: M (Mature)
Official Site: