Dressing Like a Badass In and Outside of Work

Confidence can be hard to come by. Especially if you’re not precisely where you want to be in terms of your job, your income or your career. But, as they say, dress for the job you want, not for the job you have. No, we’re not advising that you rock up for work dressed as Batman. However, there are many reasons why power dressing can affect your confidence in and outside of work. The right clothes can both act as your armor that protects you from the world’s woes and a conduit that brings out the best from within. They complete and enhance your psychological state. Which is why so many actors say that they find their character when they find their wardrobe. 

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Here we’ll look at some tips to help you dress like a badass both in and outside of work so that your confidence is unflappable and our career aspects ample!

Back in black

For some reason, an unspoken consensus has arisen that you can’t dress all in black at work. Why? Unless your workplace strictly prohibits it, we absolutely recommend rocking the all-black outfit from time to time. Black is flattering, it’s versatile, it helps to gloss over parts of our bodies that we’re less than happy with and it always looks smart and professional… just make sure you don’t get cookie crumbs on your outfit in the breakroom!

One good blazer

Getting stressed about putting together the perfect outfit for work? All you need is one good blazer. Something that subtly enhances the shoulders, brings you in at the waist and helps you to feel confident, bold and empowered.Need to bring your waist in a little more? Choose a waist belt with a little give so that you still feel comfortable enough to work while sitting.

Dress for success in the gym

The workplace isn’t the only place where you deserve to feel like a badass. Don’t make the mistake of rocking up to the gym in baggy sweatpants and the kind of t-shirt you’d usually sleep in. This will make you feel like you just don’t belong there. Instead, make sure you wear comfortable, tailored sportswear that gives you a shape without making you feel self conscious. Or why not mix it up with some military clothing and combat gear? Nothing says badass like a tactical mesh tech tee!

The shoes… they can be a balancing act!

When it comes to your shoes, you want to give yourself a little elevation to help you feel empowered while also ensuring that you can stride quickly yet comfortably in and out of the workplace. Keep the heel at or around the 2” range and err on the side of conservative. If in doubt, it’s best to avoid the open toe.

Bomber jackets are the bomb

Finally, if you’re looking for the ultimate badass touch to top off an out of work ensemble, look no further than a bomber jacket. They’re affordable, they go with any outfit. They look great on everyone and give you a really flattering silhouette. 

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