A day in the life of a Gentleman for Hire

Please note this article was written before social distancing measures were introduced. #Staysafe

The job of a male escort is to be there for his female clients. These women want to spend time with a gentleman who treats them the way they want: calling her back when he says he will, always being on time to their dates, treating her like she is the centre of attention, and dressing the part for whatever type of date they go on.

One thing is clear when it comes to gentlemen for hire: no two days are the same, and there isn’t a typical schedule that one sticks to. He can set his own work hours to be pretty much what he wants, but these will sometimes be dictated by regular clients who want to see him at specific times and on certain days. 

He is there to provide a service to his clients, much like that of a personal trainer: focused solely on them and their individual needs throughout their time together. Some days might involve meeting multiple clients or spending the whole day, evening and night with just one. Then, there is the fact that he needs to put aside time to stay in contact and develop relationships with clients over text, messenger or email.

But, what does a gentleman for hire do on a typical day? Let’s find out.

Early Morning

Male escorts generally need a certain level of physical fitness to look visually attractive: a slim outline with some muscular definition (following the “V” shape that many men seek). With the help of a sharp suit to help take a client’s breath away when they meet. 

After waking up around 7am and grabbing a coffee, it’s either out for a run in the local park or a trip to the gym for a strength training session. Most clients wouldn’t expect him to communicate with them before 9am, so he’s got a good couple of hours to get a workout in, eat breakfast and freshen up.

Hygiene is a big part of a gentleman for hire’s preparations. Taking a shower after working out or before heading for beers with his mates is completely different to keeping clean and in tip-top shape when it comes to being prepared for meeting clients. There is more effort, care and attention in preparing for clients because he knows the details matter and that first impressions count.

This means a long shower to ensure he’s clean, but also all of the other little things like shaving, trimming his nails and moisturising.


It’s now time to get down to work. Fire up the laptop and take care of business. Being an independent escort means all of the other jobs of running a business need to be done too.

He is selling himself but taking care of all the other business activities like documenting expenses and preparing for tax time need to be completed. Mid-morning to early afternoon is also a great time to concentrate on marketing by prospecting for new clients and seeking referrals from current ones.

On some days, he may schedule some morning “get to know each other” coffee dates with new clients. These are more relaxed and allow both of them to see if there is any chemistry when they are together.


Dates in the afternoon for a gentleman for hire are casual. They have the potential to expand into the evening should the client want to. Still, most want a relaxing afternoon with someone who treats them well and offers interesting and stimulating conversation.

On occasion, the afternoon offers some free time to spend with friends, family or time away from work. Something that makes his job less stressful and allows him more control over when to work. 

Some of his fellow escorts might only be available part of the time, having “regular” day jobs, which means they have restricted availability to evenings during the week and afternoon availability only at weekends.


This time is usually reserved for taking current clients out on dates. These will usually involve dinner, drinks and possibly another activity such as attending a charity event, a theatre, a posh social gathering, or even going for a romantic stroll in town. 

Depending on what the client wants, an evening date could last for a few hours or continue well into the night – on some occasions that could even include a sleepover. Individuals who have been clients for some time may also want him to spend the entire weekend with them. A key reason woman chooses to hire him is because he makes all dates unique to what she wants: him taking control and being spontaneous. Sometimes, they will even act out some of her fantasies too. 

Every day is different, and that is why a lot of male escort agencies, like Gentleman4Hire encourage their gentlemen for hire to be ready for any eventuality. Sometimes there is short notice to accompany a client to a party or gathering, so some men have a bag prepared to help them spring into action should they be asked.

All male escorts are well prepared and ready to have conversations about current events, which means they need to follow topics like food, travel, fashion, art and culture. The niche of hiring a gentleman for the evening is lucrative, with women wanting a sophisticated service with the perfect individual. This means he puts in a lot more effort throughout the day than just showing up on time for the date.