Tech to Make Your Life Easier

Technology has the ability to revolutionize our lives in so many big ways from state-of-the-art machinery that makes surgery safer to the internet that allows people all over the world to connect with each other easily, and for free.

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But, technology doesn’t always have to be revolutionary to make a difference – there are lots of tech trends that can simply make your life easier and sometimes that is enough.

Just take a look at these simple existing and upcoming tech changes that might not save lives, but which enable us all to live with a little more ease and you’re sure to be impressed:

NFC Tags

It’s not surprising that NFC printing has gone up massively in the past couple of years. The technology can make life at home and work so much easier by practically automating a whole lot of processes from paying for and accepting goods in stores to enabling you to turn your Wi-Fi on without having to touch anything. These small acts of automation might not seem like much on their own, but when you combine all of the time they can help you to save over the course of the week, it does make a big difference to your productivity and to your levels of convenience.

Experiential Retail Destinations

An upcoming trend that is truly going to change the way we buy and sell are experimental retail destinations. This is a new kind of tech that will see the seamless blending on physical stores that allow you to see feel and touch products, with digital technology such as smart mirrors that keep a log of the outfits you’ve tried on and screens that display location specific deals. Shopping will never be more fun or simple when you visit one of these destinations.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers like the Fitbit are a real boon to anyone who wants to move more, eat better and stay fit. They take all of the guesswork out of how many calories you’ve burned, how long you’ve been active an even how long you’ve slept, so you can adjust your schedule and your goals accordingly. Although many fitness trackers are already quite advanced, monitoring the heart rate and providing a detailed breakdown of the distance you’ve covered, in the future they are going to get much more sophisticated offering things like hydration and blood sugar monitoring so that you can take even more control of your own health.

Hyperpersonlized Beauty Products

The future of cosmetics lies in technological equipment that will be able to analyze your skin and create personalized products that exactly match your skin tone or the type of skin you have. You might think this tech is a long way away, but as you can see from this link, and the existence of the Neutrogena 360 3d Scanning tool, it really isn’t. When it is eventually rolled out on a wider scale, it will make all of our lives easier by taking the guesswork out of buying beauty products.

Tell us about the tech you use to make your life easier.

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