How to Show off Your Personality Through Style This Summer

The hot weather is just around the corner, and we are all busy trying to get ready to show off more of our figure.

However, if you would like to take your personal style to the next level, increasing the skin surface you are revealing might not be enough. Plan your wardrobe, hairstyle, and accessories in a way that they are in sync with your vision, values, and personal statement. Below you will find a few tips on how to do that.

How to Show off Yoru Personality Through Style This Summer

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Brave New Hair Color

To get you in the bright mood of summer and cheer up everyone around you, dare to choose a vivid hair color that will make heads turn and get you noticed. If you are a loud person, be that on the outside. If you are looking for more sophistication, choose a color that is unique and gentle for the eye. No matter what your personal values and style is, changing your hair color can help you express yourself better in the summer. Celebrate sunshine and let this summer be the best you ever experienced.

That Daring Haircut

Apart from being practical when choosing your summer haircut, you should also consider making a personal statement. Short hairstyles are great for those who rarely leave the pool or the beach when on summer holidays. If you want to look your best every day, you might want to opt for a spiky haircut that is easy to handle, given that you have enough gel packed in your bag.

Unusual Lengths

Instead of going for the usual crop tops or long tunics, combine your lengths to make the most out of your figure. When wearing shorts, you might find that how your leg looks like depends on the color and the length of your outfit. You might want to combine a ¾ legging and a skirt or a pair of hot shorts, so you can look unique, brave, and interesting. You might even want to put your shoulder scarf in good use and make a unique beach dress out of the material, giving you a boho chic look.

T-shirts with a Message

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There is no better way of expressing what you think of people and the world than getting a T-shirt with the right message. You will find personalized outfits online, or order yours with a photo, so you can tell everyone what’s on your mind without having to speak to them. You might want to get an oversized T-shirt you can wear with jeggings when out and about and with a belt to make it look like a boyfriend shirt.

Creative Accessories

While not everyone is into designing their own jewelry, there are great ideas to be found on Pinterest and Etsy. You don’t want to wear the same pieces everyone else on the beach does. To stand out from the crowd, you might want to find some feathered long earrings with matching necklaces, or a nature-inspired design. Combine your accessories in a way that they are easy to notice and hard to forget.


While wearing jewelry on the beach is something that might not be safe, you will need a shiny peace for going out partying and eating out. You should, however, not settle for cheap designs; get large, bold rings and bangle bracelets. Braceletworld, for one, has some affordable yet elegant bracelets to choose from. When it comes to color, the more you have the better. Express your joy over the sunshine by wearing yellow and orange, and use green or blue to look great near the beach. Anklets and belly button rings can be provocative and stylish at the same time.


In the summer, you can also show off your body decoration. It might be time to get that tattoo designed by a professional, so you can express your personality better. Look through the selection of tattoos for boys that are easy to hide and show off. Choose a location that you can hide when at work, but show off when you are having fun and trying to connect with people. If you would like to show off your summer style, you can get ankle tattoos or ones on your neck, shoulder and chest.

Whether you are looking for inspiration on creating your summer wardrobe or recommendations on which colors to use, you will have to make sure that the style you are choosing represents your personality and values. Get some custom accessories and jewelry designed, create your own T-shirt style, and decorate your body to be ready for all the socializing and interaction summer has in store for you.

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