Men’s Fashion Tips: How To Stay Warm and Look Stylish This Winter

The weather outside is getting cold, and if you were hoping that it was going to leave anytime soon, then we have bad news: this year is set to be particularly cold in some areas.

However, that’s no excuse to hide away in our homes until spring arrives! All we need to do is put on clothes that keep us warm and help us look stylish, and we’ll be able to brave the outdoors in confidence. Below, we take a look at a few essential fashion tips that’ll make sure you’re able to look your best even when the jack frost is nipping at your nose. 

How To Stay Warm and Look Stylish This Winter

 Know Your Materials

First thing’s first: no matter how much you like one of your items of clothing, know that it might inherently be unsuitable for winter, all because it’s made of the wrong material. Some fabrics are better at keeping the heat in than others, and even if you’re wearing multiple layers, you might not be as warm as you would be if you were wearing other materials. In general, you should try to stick to two materials: cotton and wool. Of these, wool is the best, as it’s a temperature regulator.

Start with the Base Layers

You’re trying to keep your body warm, so it makes sense to ensure that the materials that are touching your bare skin are helping to keep your temperature up. In particular, focus on your underwear. You can buy underwear that is designed to keep you warm. Also, let’s not forget about those toes! Thick, wool socks should be your go-to during the cold months. Even if you’re only wearing light shoes, wool socks will help to keep your feet warm.

Building From the Outside

Of course, it’s not just about keeping your body warm; it’s about making sure the cold temperatures can’t get close to your body. Insulated outerwear is essential to keep warm in winter, and it’s important that you have a jacket that’ll be able to withstand that biting chilly weather. The necessity provides an opportunity to showcase your sense of style; find a high-quality jacket that’s both warming and fashionable, and you’ll have a go-to option for many years to come.

The In-Between Zones

You’ll have a solid base layer and an outer garment that prevents the cold from getting close to your bones. The in-between areas are yours: and what better to way to get into that cosy mode than by wearing sweaters? It’s everyone’s clothing option of choice, and for a good reason: they’re great to wear, come in all different colours and styles and can be worn all the day.

Adding Flair

Most of your winter clothing needs will be determined by practicality, and your winter accessories will, of course, be practical, but they’re also a chance to bring a sense of style to proceedings. Hit the stores or head online to somewhere like this US website and buy three different hats and scarves, and you’ll be able to bring out a different outfit, even if you’ve been wearing the bulk of your clothes for the majority of the season. When it comes to your gloves, it’s best to avoid the cheapest option: they won’t keep you warm, and will rip pretty quickly. Pick a high-quality pair – leather, or some variant – and you’ll have an option that’ll last for many years.

When in Doubt, Layer Up

You can wear whatever you want, including your summer clothes, but the key to staying warm will be in the number of layers you’re wearing. There’s a lot of scope to wear thin t-shirts, shirts, and the like: but the crucial ingredient will be how many items you’re wearing. Throw on a sweatshirt, flat cap, and then finish the look off with a shirt over the top, and you’ll be rocking that hipster look: but more important than that, you won’t be cold.

Look to the Past

OK, we might look at the clothing of yesteryear as a bit…well, boring, but let’s face it: those guys knew how to stay warm! So why adopt a few of their practices? If you’re wearing long johns and a vest, you’re in a pretty strong position to be able to wear whatever you want on the outside. The core of you will be warm, and that’s all that matters.

Final Thoughts

Winter is a much more delicate juggling act, especially when compared with the freewheeling days of spring and summer. Pay attention to your body’s needs first, and then incorporate your style sense second, and you’ll look the part all season.

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