Mastering Smart Casual: Seven Tips

Men often get confused when they get invited to an event and are told to wear smart casual clothes.

It is hard to determine what can be considered as acceptable and what is too sporty. Different rules apply to men and women when it  comes to smart casual appearance. If you would like to nail your looks next time you attend an event, you might want to check out the below tips and get some cool accessories that will complement your look and give you a unique style.

A Jacket Goes with Everything

If you don’t have a middle-ground jacket yet that goes with your jeans as well as your tailored pants, you might need to get one. From a buttonless jacket that is made of cotton or wool to a leather or cord material, there are several combinations you can use in the spring and the autumn to complete your looks. A jacket with a collar will go well with a plain T-shirt, or a jumper with a round neck. A natural color trench coat also goes with almost anything.

Unique Hairstyle to Express Your Personality

When it comes to appearance, men should pay attention to their hairstyle. You don’t want to be wearing the same style as you do in the office. Let your hair loose, and get wild with the hair gel. You can visit this link for inspiration on the latest men’s hairstyles you can easily create at home whenever you are attending a party or going out to meet your friends.

Roll-neck Jumpers and Smart Pants

For a safe combination, you can wear a jumper with your office trousers, but make sure you swap your leather smart shoes to a boot or a casual trainer or loafer. In the warm weather, you can even wear some moccasins with your favorite casual denim shirt and your cotton blend dark trousers. Trousers can be smart and tailored, or even tailored jeans.

Shoes Matter: Somewhere Between Smart and Sporty

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When it comes to shoes, they will determine the look and the balance between smart and casual. Make sure that you are choosing a laced up design, no matter if you are going for trainers or a leather shoe. A smart leather brown shoe with a pointy toe and a bit of heel will create a unique look with a casual funny jumper or T-shirt. However, if you wear trainers, make sure that you don’t wear denim trousers, or you will look too casual.

The Right Combination of Smart and Casual Items

The key to mastering smart casual is to find the perfect balance between designer and tailored items and everyday items. You can revamp your looks by adding a hat or a cap, and create the perfect look, even if you just walked out of a meeting. Likewise, a smart jacket on top of your jeans and your jumper will create the perfect smart casual men’s look for a night out with friends.

Add Contrast

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To make the most out of your looks, you might want to add some contrast and color, but not too much. Enhance the look of your grey jumper by adding a teal trouser and a camel shoe. Don’t settle for black, grey, and shades of brown. Black with red, pink, blue, and green will make a perfect combination; a bit daring for the office, but perfect for meeting up in a restaurant. Leave the black shoes for work, and find something that will stand out and help you express your personality.

Add Leather and Suede

Some of the best accessories and fashion items you can use to master the smart casual style are made of leather and suede. Use these materials when it comes to your designer boots that go perfectly with your bootcut jeans, add a fashionable belt, and a funky hat to go with it. If you want the perfect casual jacket to put on your office outfit, you can find several tailored suede designs that will match your overall look.

Whenever you are asked to turn up in a smart casual outfit, always have the above accessories and outfits ready. Get shopping for leather and suede accessories to create a new look every time. Get a pair of boots for the winter and a mocassin for the summer to complete your looks. The best thing about smart casual looks is that you can make them your own, and express yourself. Mix leisurely style with designer items, so you can create your unique appearance.