How To Enjoy The Countryside (Without Getting Dirty)

You don’t have to go face-to-face with nature to have a fun time in the countryside. Sometimes you simply need to get away from the city breaks, but don’t want to slum it in a sleeping bag and leaky tent. You might only have a day spare to take a picnic spread and play sports, or instead have the luxury of squirrelling yourself away in a cosy caravan for a few days. Here’s some top tips to enjoy the countryside without getting dirty. 

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Buy Or Book A Caravan

Many caravan holiday resorts are situated right in the heart of breathtaking scenery and offer the chance to stay in relative luxury while still getting your green fix. You might find yourself in a cosy one-bed, or spend some time with friends in a larger luxury caravan, but staying in a mobile home is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors without getting wet. 

If you really want to get into the spirit, why not buy your own caravan and rent a parking site at a caravan park. You can go all out with caravan equipment and buy covers, canopies and cleaners to really get into your fun new asset. With your own caravan, you can also be more flexible with where you stay, really getting yourself close to a luxury lake or green spot without having to camp.

Go Glamping

When you don’t want to camp, it’s time to glamp. You can find a wide range of glamping accommodations, from treehouses to yurts. You’ll also find different levels of amenities depending on how intrepid you are. If you don’t want to wander to the bathroom in the middle of the night, many offer indoor bathrooms, saunas and all the luxuries of your high-end hotel room.

Take A Campervan

Go one step further than a caravan, and physically drive yourself and your vehicle to any number of fabulous countryside destinations. You can also pack light too, giving yourself the luxury of more space to fill with fabulous food and beverages when you’re parked up for the night. In some cases, you might find yourself with more freedom for a pitch, as you can park in a local area (within reason, don’t block in the locals), and stay put for a day or so and visit the local sites.

Take A Picnic And Stay Outdoors

Maybe you only have a day to spend in the great outdoors. Do it with style and bring a traditional picnic hamper filled with sweet treats and a traditional picnic lunch. Splash out and bring some glasses, plates and cutlery with a big old blanket to unfurl and lounge on. Why not take the family or friends along too and spend the day playing sports like rounders. You can also arrange for more active activities like horse riding or quad biking, and end an active afternoon with a celebratory picnic prosecco.

You don’t have to get really down and gritty with nature to have a good time. Choose one of the options above to experience a laid back and luxurious time in the great outdoors.