Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Men You Need to Know

A truly stylish man should not be affected by season. Winter comes with the need to feel warm as a major priority in dressing. However, this does not imply that you have to throw your fashion sense out the door. A combination of warm and stylish might not be easy to think up, but it is definitely achievable.

To make things easier, I’m about to show you some wardrobe essentials for winter that would ensure you keep your style. While they are casual, they are fashion essentials that would make you stand out as a stylish man when there’s a temperature drop.

5 Essential Fashion Items for Your Winter Wardrobe

Henley Shirt (Long-Sleeve)

Henley shirts are effortlessly stylish. The long-sleeved type is just perfect for winter, as it combines the ability of the Henley shirt to showcase your amazing build with its length and thickness, which works perfectly as a base layer of clothing. You can always throw a flannel, cotton or denim shirts over it and sleeveless insulting top for a third layer.

While they are available in short-sleeves too, the long-sleeved one is remarkably classy. They come in various colors, so you can stock up your wardrobe with two or three variants for Christmas.

Neutral colors are just perfect (if you ask), as they make it easy to choose your colors for other layers of clothing. However, feel free to experiment with colors.

Hoodies for Men

When they are worn the right way, hoodies are super stylish. If you’re trying to look really stylish in your hoodie, then it should be a perfect fit with no form of looseness or bagginess at your waist. A perfect length for a nice hoodie would be the seat of your trousers. Wearing it with a flannel shirt or a leather jacket just beneath it.

A variety of hoodies can be found in every clothing store, but a solid color and a zip-up style generally looks better. If you’re in New Zealand and you’re looking for a store for men’s clothing in NZ, you should strongly consider visiting BONZ. To achieve an urban look, you can wear your hoodie with a pea coat. For warmth, you can pair it with a leather jacket.

Dress Sneakers for Men

Your plans for your winter wardrobe should include your foot wear. These days, sneakers can be used in achieving a causal as well as a corporate look.

While choosing dress sneakers, ensure you go for one that is water-resistant and be sure to get a waterproofing spray too. A pair of white sneakers is always a beauty, but black is always better for winter, as you’ll be walking in snow and slush.

Knitted Sweater for Men

Wool is the perfect material to help you achieve warmth. A nicely knitted sweater (maybe a jacquard knit), will be a perfect match for a denim jacket. If your sweater is made from unscored wool, it turns even better as it has natural oils that makes it water resistant. When trying to choose a wool sweater for your winter wardrobe, go for a bigger size, as wool is famous for shrinking after being washed.

Men’s Leather Boots

In a short while, it will shrink to give you a perfect fit. For a triple-layered look, wear a dress shirt as your base layer, a knitted sweater for a second layer and a sports jacket for a final layer.

This is a very practical choice of boot, as it is usually designed for manual work. Apart from this, they make durable footwear that you can always trust during winter. It is also perfect for slippery conditions.

While they typically look like Chelsea Boots, they are more rugged. Ensure you go for a pair that is water resistant and will also allow for the application of waterproof kind of treatments.

Wrapping Up

As I wrap up, here’s a small tip to help you care for your winter boots. When they are very wet, stuff them with newspaper to take out the moisture and let them dry before wearing them again.

Have a super stylish winter!

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