Christmas gifts for every man

There are two types of men in this world. There are those who run around the shops on Christmas Eve frantically looking for a last-minute gift for the special person in their life and well, actually let’s face it, pretty much all men are like that! We just cannot help it, it’s not in our genetic makeup to be naturally organised. Don’t blame us, blame nature!

Ok, I know it’s a stereotype but women do tend to be a lot more professional when it comes to Christmas shopping. I have a friend who goes out on Boxing day when the sales are on and buys next year’s Christmas presents for all her family. To me, that seems a bit extreme, but I can see the advantage of being prepared even if it is a bit anal.

With just over 10 days to go finding the ideal Christmas gift for any man isn’t easy, but don’t worry I’ve put together a quick guide to inspire.

Think about them!

The first thing to remember is that it’s not about how expensive something is, some of the best presents cost next to nothing. The second piece of advice is to think about what they like, rather than thinking about what YOU like. So many people buy a present that they would like to receive and the other person hates.

For instance just because you love Game of Thrones doesn’t mean every man on the planet wants a 3ft replica Drogon on top of their fireplace. If you know what they like it makes the job much easier.

Midnight Gamers

Are they into video games? If so why not get them a games voucher so they can choose a game they want to play. The new Google Stadia is out featuring blisteringly fast online games WITHOUT a console that can be played through your TV, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet. There are 22 games available at launch include Red Dead Redemption 2, Final Fantasy XV and Football Manager 2020. It looks awesome!

Cinema Buffs

Does your special man enjoy going to the movies? What about a Vue cinema gift card? Choose from between £30 and £200, the vouchers can be used on popcorn and drinks (although £200 will probably only buy a small drink and a hot dog) and cinema tickets. Thankfully the cinema tickets are only £4.95 a film at the moment, which personally I think is pretty good value for money. With the new Star Wars just released Frozen 2, Jumanji II and Knives Out (reviewed here) currently showing, Christmas is a great time of year to visit.

If they don’t go out much, what about a Netflix Gift Card, if they’re already a member they can use it to pay for their account, if not then they can open an account and use the credit for it until it runs out. Martin Scorsese’s Irishman has just been released (It is 3 and a half hours long and I’m currently halfway through it) and Oscar-nominated Marriage Story starring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson is available too. There are tons of good boxsets, I really enjoyed the French series ‘Call My Agent’.

Sport Nuts

Are they mad about football or rugby? Why not buy them a tour of their favourite teams ground? Almost all the major teams now offer ‘access all area’ guided tours around their stadium including visits to the changing rooms, the press rooms and the dugout. If you visit a team like Manchester United or Liverpool you’ll also be able to see their huge collection of trophies too (no Premier league one for Liverpool yet though) and while Tottenham’s new ground is state of the art and awesome, their trophy room is desperately waiting for some new editions. If you want to go further afield, one of the best to visit is Amsterdam‘s top team Ajax. Best of all the tour is done in English!

The Bare Essentials

If you really get stuck for a present don’t despair. Any man will always be thankful for (good quality) underwear, socks, soap, razors, chocolate, alcohol (especially something this Crystal Head Vodka) and last but not least a bottle of aftershave. I know I would be (hint, hint).