Double Vodka – Christmas Spirits!

It’s approaching that time of year when your drinks cabinet might actually have something in it for once, so if you ‘re looking for inspiration to buy along with your Egg nog and Advocat here are a couple of Vodka’s to tempt you. Now I know it’s all been about Gin, Gin, Gin for the last year or two, but it’s not the only ‘pure’ drink that has been brought up to date, even Vodka has been changing too.

Wasabi Vodka

The Wasabi Company are a group of innovative farmers whose ancestors grew watercress on their Dorset fields as far back as 1850. However when a chef visited their farm in 2010 a seed was planted in their mind to grow Wasabi and their adventure began. Wasabi is notoriously tricky to grow, but with great determination the first crop arrived two years later and now the Farmers supply many of the top UK and European chefs.

They also have a range of their own products including Wasabi Mustard & Mayonnaise, jam and Soy Sauce, not to mention their rather delicious watercress Gin, made using their own crops.

Wasabi Vodka

However my favourite has to be the Wasabi Vodka, a drink that if I’m honest I was initially a bit unsure about. The good news though is that it’s actually quite delicious. I wondered whether the Wasabi flavour would even come through, but it does and there is a nice fiery kick to it, even if you add a dash of tonic and an ice cube.

It certainly adds another dimension to your Vodka and Tonic and if you’re a fan of blended drinks it’s definitely one to try. For more info visit

Crystal Head Vodka

Ok, so this Vodka is more like what you would traditionally think of flavour wise, but Crystal Head Vodka is cool for at least three reasons.

1: Designed by co-founder and artist John Alexander and made by Milan-based glass manufacturer Bruni Glass, there is no doubt that Crystal Head Vodka has one of the (if not the) coolest bottles of any Vodka out there. If you know any Goths / Metalheads / Devil worshippers / Tarot readers the first thing they’re going to do once the Vodka has been drunk is to put a big candle in the top and light their bedroom with it.

2: It is really pure. The secret to a good pure vodka is the filtration process under which it is manufactured and Crystal Head Vodka is quadruple-distilled and seven times filtered, with the final 3 filtrations through Herkimer diamond crystals.  It’s also manufactured in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada where the water is crystal pure too.

3: The company was started by one of the original Ghostbusters, Dan Ackroyd (below) and first sold in California in 2008. Together with artist John Alexander they were inspired to create the Vodka after realising the lack of additive-free Vodkas on the market. Since then it has sold over 200 million bottles worldwide.

For more info

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