All The Things You Learn Within A Couple Of Weeks Of Becoming A Motorcyclist

Motorcycling is more than just a method of getting from A to B. It is also a way of life. It is something that you take up when you want to make a statement about who you are and what you value in life. 

It is not until you actually sit in the saddle and twist the throttle, however, that you learn what it truly means to be a biker. The reality is often very different from perception. 

Here’s what you learn within a couple of weeks on the road. 

Riding A Bike Improves Your Driving Skills

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When you ride a motorcycle, you have to have your wits about you. Every year, motorcycle accident law specialists have to deal with hundreds of cases of wrongfully injured bikers. Thus, you always have your eyes peeled, looking out to see whether drivers are paying attention and have noticed you approaching. If they haven’t, you naturally slow down and anticipate their mistakes. Seeing blatant errors on the road makes you furious, but it is better than being involved in an accident. 

People Will Give You The Death Stare

Motorcycling is a little bit out of the ordinary, and so it tends to draw all the wrong attention. Often you’ll pull up to the lights on a hot day, and the person in the vehicle next to you will give you their best “death stare.” Why they do, it remains something of a mystery. But it is certainly something you’ll notice as you spend more time on the road. 

Being A Biker Improves Your Health

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Motorbikes might propel you under their own steam, but they are not a passive form of transportation, like a bus or car. They force you to move about continuously to stay in control. It’s a bit of a mini-workout. 

You Learn About The Mechanical Side Of Motoring

For car owners, how all the machinery under the hood works is something of a mystery. Modern engine designs are so complicated and technical you need to be a professional mechanic to really understand them. Motorcycles, however, remain refreshingly simple. You can learn most of the things you need to know about how they work in a matter of days, and then you’re set for life. Plus, there’s loads of support in magazines and on the internet if you need to find out something more specific. 

Driving Suddenly Becomes Cheap

Only a handful of cars in the world can accelerate you from 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds. As technology improves, that will change, but you’re still looking at spending well over $100,000. Buying a motorbike that provides similar performance, however, is only a fraction of the cost. You can get supercar performance on a budget. 

People Will Constantly Tell You Motorcycling Is Dangerous

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The health and safety brigade have indeed been successful in informing people that motorcycling is dangerous. When you become a biker, it will fast become the main topic of conversation outside of your fraternity. And it will become a source of frustration. 

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