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Nintentdo WallpaperSince we published Allison’s feature on being a geek last week we’ve had tons of feedback from fully fledged geeks letting us know about all kinds of ‘geeky’ things. Admittedly most of it made no sense, but a few of them mentioned a website called ThinkGeek.

The site is an Aladdin’s cave of gadgets, gizmos, clothes and er weird stuff.. Some of it I wasn’t sure about, I mean who REALLY needs a Cubicle Doorbell? But then I had a re-think, maybe I was missing the point. Nobody really needs anything apart from food and shelter.

Life is short, if you really want to buy a ‘Levitating Dr Who Tardis‘ or a ‘Le Whif Breathable Chocolate spray’, why not? And to misquote quote Sheryl Crow “If it makes you happy…”

Flush the Fashion spoke to ‘Righteous Dude’, Shane Peterman from ThinkGeek
for some background information on the site.

How did ThinkGeek come about?

ThinkGeek started 11 (almost 12) years ago, when the 4 founders decided to try to fill a void that they saw, in that there was no merchandise out there for geeks.  They started with just selling t-shirts and stickers, and eventually expanded into what we are now.

What is the best selling product on the site?

The Wi-Fi Detector Shirt and the Force FX Lightsabers have always been top sellers for us, along with some newer products like the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt.

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What are Geek Points?
Geek Points are basically a way for us to try to reward our customers.  They’re similar to something like frequent flyer miles, where once you have enough, you can redeem them for free products.  The selection of products rotates every now and then, and obviously if something is more expensive, it’s going to have a higher Geek Point value assigned to it.  Almost every product on the site will earn you Geek Points.

Is it ok (even cool) these days to admit you are a geek?

Absolutely!  It’s pretty easy to see how popular “geek culture” has become over the past few years.  Just look at the success of things like Big Bang Theory and Mythbusters, to name a few.  Some of the highest grossing films of the last decade have all been geek staples – Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman, Transformers, etc.  Besides, everyone is a geek for something.  It can be anything from science to video games, from music to comic books, the list goes on and on.

Do ThinkGeek design their own t-shirts and clothing?

Most of the shirts are designed in house, though we do have some that we’ve sourced from other companies.  The amount of shirts that we design ourselves has grown immensely over the past couple of years, thanks to having a few really great artists on staff.

What new stuff should we look out for on the site?
We have a lot of really cool licensed stuff coming up that I can’t really get into too much (all the details are still being worked out), but keep an eye out for some collaborations between us and some pretty big names in the video game, movie, and comic industries.  We’ll also have plenty of our own original designs, of course.

So there you have it, ThinkGeek – Everything you never knew you never needed but still want. My personal favourites on the site are the VERY cool iPad stick on joystick and the Spy Camera T-shirt (above).

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