Bake and Destroy

If baking is the new Rock N’ Roll, then Natalie Slater could well be the new Elvis Presley, her website ‘Bake & Destroy’ is a goldmine of great recipes, fashion, useful tips and ideas.

Dave Weiner: Finger Picking Good

Interview with one of the worlds best guitarists, Dave Weiner. Star tutor from the Riff of the Week You Tube Channel and Steve Vai’s rhythm guitarist.

Artransmitte – Art Imitating Life

Artransmitte is one of those cool websites that sells things you don’t see anywhere else. Imagine if Toys R Us had been taken over by Banksy, and you will start to get the idea. We also have 2 of their ACE LTD Edition T-shirts to give away.

Cybercandy – The Sweetest Thing

Fed up with a Mars Bar? Cybercandy allow you to buy all the weird and wonderful chocolate bars, snacks and treats you see on your travels from the comfort of your own chair.

Devolo – Online On The Grid

The Devolo Homeplug System is like all good inventions, it’s success is it’s simplicity. It turns your houses electrical wiring into an extension of your network.

DR Gangrene – Chiller Cinema

Award winning TV Horror Host Dr Gangrene has been broadcasting his strange blend of film reviews, interviews, and er.. stuff since 1999. He invited Flush the Fashion down into his cellar for a cup of tea and a slice of cake.