FlightHub’s Guide to traveling to Montreal in Winter Style

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If you find yourself traveling to Montreal this winter season (or rather, 3 out of the possible 4 if we’re being honest), make sure you’re not only prepared for the weather, but also rocking some cool fashion while you’re there.

Montreal is a vibrant city filled with arts, music, culture, food and our personal favorite, fashion. Montreal fashion-setters are some of the most avant-garde in the world, mixing and matching different styles that bring out the best of the city.

Whether you’re a woman or a man, fashion is serious business in Montreal, so FlightHub reviews the best ways to keep you looking cool while keeping warm on your visit.

Solid water-proof shoes

flighthub uk flights to canada

Montreal winters are horrible for shoes. Between the fluctuation in temperature and the massive snow storms that hit the island inevitably means lots of snow and ice building up on sidewalks and streets. To combat the invisible death traps known as black ice, the City of Montreal uses an obscene amount of salt to chip and break away the ice, making it safe to walk and drive on.

For this reason FlightHub recommends that any footwear that you bring with you should either be properly treated beforehand or are made to withstand the temperatures and salt stains that you’ll inevitably conquer.

Montreal footwear is just as much a fashion statement as any other outwear you’ll see on your trip. Popular boots like Blundstones, Sorels, Doc Martens, and Uggs (not the fabric kind), are all staple pieces on the Montreal footwear scene. If you’ve got a pair of these lying around, dust them off because those boots were made for walking.
Parkas are forever, unless you’ve got a pea coat.



There is nothing more defining in Montreal winter fashion than your winter coat. Your coat is predominantly the first and most-seen item of clothing you’ll wear for the majority of the year. Yes, Montrealers will tell you that they have many different coats (most of which have been accumulated over the years to keep warm during fluctuating temperature spikes), but once the first snow fall hits the ground, it’s a parka playground. Much like the unofficial uniform, most winter coats follow the standard all-black code that takes over Montreal once the last hope of summer fades away.

Most parkas are fur trimmed (weather synthetic or real), to help insulate your face from the freezing temperatures and wind that you encounter on your daily commute because, surprise, Montreal is a city that thrives in the winter. People still eat, play, and live in the city despite is being -30°c.

If you’re looking to classy things up for a night on the town, do as most Montrealers do and sport the pea coat. This totally beautiful coat is absolutely worthless when you’re left outside in the cold, but man, you’re going to look good. Good thing you’ve called the taxi to bring you literally everywhere.

Wool scarf

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Bundling up never looked as good as when you’re wrapped in the warmest wool knit scarf. Whether they’re knitted into infinity knots, or they almost touch the salted ground, scarves in Montreal are the security blanket you’re allowed to bring out in public with you sans judgement. Scarves should preferably be black, or grey. Any other color will probably clash with the all-black uniform going on.

Black pants

Black pants are the ultimate go-to for every Montrealer in the winter. They’re versatile enough to bring your from day wear to evening wear without so much as a second glance. You can wear them multiple times throughout the week and you won’t be committing any kind of fashion faux pas.

flighthub uk flights to canada

These black pants should also fit nicely into your boots, meaning that skinny jeans are you best option. Skinny jeans always means that your cuffs won’t get destroyed from the salt sprinkled on the streets.

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