Women Are As Hot on Games as Men: Why More Women Are Now into Gaming

ack in 2010, Forbes published an article which essentially blew the all-male gamer stereotype out of the window. Citing stats from IBM’s Serious Games Group such as “38% of console gamers” and “43% of PC gamers” are women, the piece not only went against what many thought was the grain, but proved that gaming was fashionable.

Music: Vessels – Dilate

Travelling On The Sea Of Serotonin To be a true artist is the acceptance of choice to be a journeyman. Not that you have…

Health: Bet You Didn’t Know That Treated Pimples

Nothing like a surprise whitehead cropping up overnight to make you feel young again. Although occasional adult breakouts don’t seem to carry the same earth-shattering consequences as adolescent acne, that doesn’t mean they’re not annoying.

Preview: The Man Who Knew Infinity

Based on a true story about a shipping clerk and self-taught genius (Patel) living in Colonial India in 1931 who travels across the world in order to study mathematics at Cambridge.

Food: Blanchette Soho, London

Once upon a time the world was full of French Restaurants and you couldn’t swing a baguette in your local High St without hitting…

Film Preview: Risen

Risen stars Tom Felton, Joseph Fiennes, Cliff Curtis and Peter Firth and is a depiction of events surrounding Christ’s missing body after his crucifixion.

Art: Neverended @ LondonNewcastle, London

In the never-ending quest for acceptance into the world of mainstream art, ‘Neverended’ is a new retrospective exhibition showcasing a curated collection of over 200 pieces by internationally acclaimed graffiti and street artists from the Rockwell House private collection.