Canada Has An Advenuture For Everyone

Canada holiday destination

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Canada is a place blessed by perceptions. The people are the nicest in the world. Their prime minister is more liberal than a millennial do-gooder. And as a geographical space, it is unrivalled. They’re just a few of the synonyms that pop to mind when Canada crops up in conversation, as its reputation for being an adventure playground.

It does matter what your tastes are, what your ability levels are like or what it takes to make you say “wow”, Canada is one of those rare places that is able to tailor its adventures to your wants and needs, as you are about to find out…

1. Second To None Skiing

Whistler is one of those resorts that is either ranked the best in North America or the best in the world year on year. You have the town itself with is packed full of fun and fashion, and then you have the chance to catch some thrills in the form of the powder-field known only as Blackcomb. It’s a must-see place of dreams.

2. Watching Whales Play

The west coast of Canada in August is a place like nowhere else on earth, a place filled with sea creatures of every kind, including the absolutely stunning killer whale (or orca). The best part about their salmon chase, however, isn’t the fact you can watch it from the shore through binoculars, it’s the fact you can get up close in a kayak and see them rub bellies. Mmm hmmm.

3. Time For The Team

Adventure isn’t always about pushing your mind as far as it will go. It is about getting involved with others, and that’s where Canada rocks and rolls. Getting involved with an ice-hockey team, signing up for a soccer academy, going on power walks through some majestic forest with the girls, going off-road on Segways, everything you can imagine. Humans are social beings, but none more so than Canadians. It’s why they are so friendly.

4. Perfect Polar Express

Almost in the middle of nowhere is the tiny town of Churchill. Yet it is a huge tourist spot because it’s actually situated on a polar bear migration route. Yeah, you can come here and see the big white bear for yourself, so long as you make it here for October that is. Most of the time, you have to enjoy a ride in a purpose-built buggy to see these amazing animals but, If you’re unlucky, you may see them in town too.

5. Stormy Weather Watching

The west coast of Vancouver Island is one of the most breathtaking places on earth. Period. But time it right, and get there in winter, and you will have booked yourself front row seats for some of the most staggering views on earth; the storms here dancing in full force. Now we get that storm watching may sound utterly bizarre to you, but it is incredible, and you can take it all in from wherever suits you: the town of Tofino, your hotel room or from the cliff-edge of the Wild Pacific Trail.