Can Digital Make Fashion Smarter And Trendier?

It’s not new: The world of fashion is in constant transformation. And even though modern trends seem to celebrate the revival of vintage styles and the 1950s to the 1980s looks, it doesn’t mean that everything in fashion is going backward.

Fashion is embracing a modern approach, first into your home, and now even into your wardrobe, namely the minimalist trend. The well-known statement less is more has never sounded as true as it does today, where minimalist cuts and designs compete for customers’ attention. But as minimalist designs are changing the way Millennials think about fashion, they are also bringing something new into this world. Minimalism and digital gadgets go hand in hand in redefining the way people dress their home interior and their body. In other words, less is a digital statement of a more: More in trend, more safety, more intelligent designs. Discover how digital is making fashion smarter and trendier for all.

Tick tock, time to upgrade your digital fashion

My trendy office

You can’t deny it: The decor that you choose for your office has a significant impact on your productivity. Keep the walls decorated and colorful, and your brain will be running through dozens of ideas at the same time. Additionally, clean and simple technological elements can add to the sentiment of quality and efficiency that you need to perform. And this means less visible cables as they interrupt the decor, but also represent an H&S risk. Using holders and panels to hide your cables from plain sights is a great solution for your computing equipment.

For your smartphone and your smartwatch, you might want to look at the smart and elegant Belkin charge dock. No cable mess on your desk and a clean, smart charging surface! It doesn’t mean that you’ll get better at what you do, but you can call it a fashionable improvement of your working and thinking area.

Carrying cards with style and safety

Modern fashion is about practicality and style. So when it comes to carrying money, it may be time to break up with your old, worn-out, super-sized wallet. You know the kind: It’s the wallet that leaves a bulky imprint in your pocket and weighs you down every time you’re going out. Instead, try something sleek and modern that offers effective protection against credit cards RFID hackers. There are good brands around – have a look at the Secrid wallet review – and some are even eco-friendly, so that you can protect your money and the planet at the same time. More importantly, modern wallets are small, functional and stylish. Can the same be said about your old wallet?

It’s cold outside, let me print you a jumper

Epson printers have been showing their latest device during the Fashion Week in February. Indeed, the brand is proposing a direct-to-fabric inkjet printer that can print patterns and designs directly onto fabric. In other words, if you’re born of your white tee, you could use this printer to apply a trendy landscape decor on the front. While it sounds a little futuristic, you can expect that within a few years’ time young designers will be using this technology to create versatile collections.

It’s a surprising world we live in where digital technology can help to create a new decor, a new fashion accessory and even wearables than are proper clothes – not just a trendy gadget you can wear on your wrist. Let’s hope that tomorrow brings customizable printable shoes and do all the walking for you!

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