The Essential Accessories for a Working Holiday

The Essential Accessories for a Working Holiday | Flush the Fashion
Everyone’s worst nightmare is receiving an invitation with a dress code labelled simply as ‘smart-casual’, so imagine the pain of having to pack for a working…

Planning the Ideal Girls’ Road Trip in the UK

Glasgow – There’s not much better place to begin your road trip than in one of Scotland’s most historical cities. Not just that, why not get set for your adventure with a pre-road trip spa break in Glasgow, gearing you up for the miles ahead?

Superb Places to Stay and Eat in Switzerland

Switzerland is a magical land where doe-eyed cattle set the pristine mountains tinkling with the sound of cowbells while the slowest express train in the world, the Glacier Express, trundles through snow-capped peaks.

Travel: Lisbon Carnival 2020

When you think of Mardi Gras {Fat Tuesday} you probably think of Rio de Janeiro or New Orleans, but the home of carnival is Portugal, where the traditions of carnival are still very much alive. Carnival began several centuries ago as a celebration of the start of Lent, a period during which Catholics were not supposed to eat meat.