Winter In Berlin: The Essential Guide

Famed for its Christmas markets, Berlin is a fabulous place to visit in the wintertime. Of course, the markets are definitely not the only reason to visit this vibrant and bustling city in the colder seasons. Just keep reading to discover them all.

Amsterdam Light Festival 2019

I always love the Amsterdam Light Festival and 2019 is the 8th edition of this spectacular and inspiring Dutch event. With all the lights…

Travel: The Top 5 Best Private LA Tours

If you’re planning on visiting the United States of America, there is no better place to be than Los Angeles. Dubbed the “City of Angels”, it is one of the hottest spots to be.

Film locations around Europe you can visit

I love travelling, and as a big movie and TV fan it can also be good fun to go and check out some of the real-life locations where iconic scenes from my favourite shows and movies have been filmed.

Travel: Luxury in St Lucia @ The Marigot Bay Resort

The scenic drive from the international airport in St Lucia takes you through dense rainforest, taking in the picturesque, twisting hillside on the west of the island, where you first catch a glimpse of the breathtaking views of five star Marigot Bay resort and marina.

Travel: Rediscovering Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an exciting, vibrant, cosmopolitan city, and has even more to offer for visitors who want a more authentic visit. Step away from the centre which is filled with stag dos, nightclubs, teenagers and overpriced tourist cafes, and go where the locals go.

Top six essentials for lightweight travel

One of the best things about my work is that I have to travel frequently. I might be visiting one of our manufacturing partners, going to exhibitions and shows or photographic locations for our campaigns.