Weird and wonderful bars in Brighton

If you fancy a change of scenery from the usual London haunts then it’s never been easier to take a train from East Croydon to Brighton and find yourself in the UK’s quirkiest and friendliest city

Travel: Soufriere Beach Park at Hummingbird Beach, St Lucia

It seems like only last week when I was visiting the beautiful island of St Lucia for the 2019 Jazz Festival and despite news that Virgin Airlines are planning to withdraw from flying to the Island next year, it seems St Lucia is going through something of an exciting period of development.

Pack your Bags to Dammam for an Amazing Experience

When visiting the UAE and Middle East, it is time to move over the hottest picks of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dammam is a city in the Eastern part of Saudi Arabia and is gradually gaining ranks up the popularity charts of Middle Eastern travel.

A Trieste Travelogue

by Pat Levy When in Venice, there will come a time when you feel jaded and need awakening from the dreamy, Disneyfied atmosphere of…

Travel: It’s good in Gouda!

There’s more to Holland than windmills, canals, clogs and tulips; It is also home to some of the tastiest cheese in the world! And the Dutch should know- they eat an impressive 15kilos every year!

Travel: Finding Eldorado in Northern France

Every three years, the city of Lille in northern France dedicates six months to the culture of another country. 2019 sees the celebration of Mexico, and is hosting celebrations of all things Eldorado across the city in the tri-annual event ‘Lille 3000’ where you can expect to see the richness of the indigenous Mexican culture.

Travel: Best Hotels in The World

If you’re looking for affordable hotels there are plenty to choose from that still give you a taste of luxury, for example this qantas accommodation sydney cbd.

Travel: Hotel Claris, Barcelona

The Hotel was originally Vedruna Palace, a 19th-century neoclassical building before becoming a hotel exactly 25 years ago. It is a member of the Derby Collection, a series of luxury Hotels in London, Madrid, Paris and Barcelona that have built up an enviable reputation for style and originality.