Music Interview: Anison

They make a lot of noise, but scratch the surface of their songs and you will find well crafted compositions somewhere between a wiry Manic Street Preachers and a long haired Depeche Mode (without keyboards).

Neil Craver – Underwater Love

Neil Craver’s underwater photography has a strange haunting quality, it brings to mind beauty, angels, death, love and life. It is both unsettling and compelling, I really like it.

Bake and Destroy

If baking is the new Rock N’ Roll, then Natalie Slater could well be the new Elvis Presley, her website ‘Bake & Destroy’ is a goldmine of great recipes, fashion, useful tips and ideas.

Onward Olympians!

There are disproportionately many bands of all shapes and sizes for its size, and pubs. Markets selling cupcakes and handmade buttons and cushions with moustachio’d bears on them….. New band Olympians talk about life in Norwich.

Interview with the artist John Fekner

While Andy Warhol spent the 70’s turning Art into a business, John Fekner’s work transcended art galleries and ‘hip scenes’, existing in the real world and touching the lives of normal people.

Hot Head Show: Juicy Fruits

Jordan Copeland, Vaughn Stokes and Max ‘Betamax’ are Hot Head Show and they pack more music into one of their songs than most bands manage in a whole album.

King Geek: Nathan Barnatt

It’s quite an achievement to carve out a career for yourself by (not) eating M & M’s, freaky dancing and being a bit of an idiot. Meet Nathan Barnatt AKA Keith Apicary