SUR-MESURE: French style & Exploring Taiwan’s Design Identity at Milan Design Week 2024

SUR-MESURE, a project by Marion Mailaender for Élitis, brings a delightful twist to Milan Design Week 2024. As the French editor of textiles, wallpapers, and accessories, Élitis returns to Milan with this special installation, adding a touch of humor and innovation to the design scene.

Marion Mailaender, known for her elegant and humorous style, brings her unique perspective to the Élitis Publishing House for upholstery fabrics and wallcoverings. SUR-MESURE, which translates to “made-to-measure,” transforms Élitis’ fabrics into giant garments and even functional pieces like lamps and street furniture. This playful exploration of custom-made design challenges the standard sizes and conventions, inviting visitors to see interior textiles in a new light.

The installation at Assab One immerses viewers in a world of creativity and imagination. Inspired by the film “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” Marion Mailaender creates a space where oversized hanging clothes made from Élitis fabrics come alive, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. From trousers to t-shirts, each garment showcases the haute couture quality of Élitis textiles, highlighting their texture and detail.

Marion Mailaender’s background in interior architecture and design shines through in her bold and daring approach. Her ability to mix genres and eras, incorporating elements of past eras with modern design, creates a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors. Whether it’s reinterpreting iconic designs or transforming everyday objects into works of art, Marion Mailaender’s work embodies a playful spirit that is both refreshing and inspiring.

At the heart of SUR-MESURE is a celebration of creativity and innovation. By pushing the boundaries of design and inviting viewers to look at things from a different perspective, Marion Mailaender encourages us to embrace humor and imagination in our everyday lives. Through her collaboration with Élitis, she reminds us that design is not just about functionality but also about storytelling and self-expression.

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Exploring Taiwan’s Design Identity: A Highlight of Milan Design Week 2024

From April 15th to 21st, 2024, Milan became the global stage for innovative design perspectives, with the inaugural Taiwan Pavilion making its debut at Fuorisalone during Milan Design Week. Located in the vibrant Brera Design District, this showcase presented a diverse array of projects from fifteen Taiwanese studios and brands, delving into pressing global issues through the lens of local material culture and reflections.

The Essence of Taiwan’s Design Legacy

Taiwan, an island nation with a rich history shaped by various cultural influences, stands as a beacon of technological prowess and natural beauty. The Taiwan Pavilion not only celebrated the island’s material culture but also aimed to challenge conventional design paradigms, emphasizing creativity in addressing global challenges.

Designing Solutions for Tomorrow

The exhibited projects, ranging from home accessories to furniture, textiles, and sustainable materials, underscored Taiwan’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. By leveraging technology and embracing holistic design principles, these creations embodied a new paradigm focused on social and manufacturing sustainability goals.

“We aim to export Taiwan’s design to the world,” remarked Chi-Yi Chang, President of TDRI (Taiwan Design Research Institute). “Design is an essential tool for interdisciplinary cooperation and can drive growth and innovation.”

Innovation Meets Tradition

A key theme among the showcased projects was the concept of circular economy and upcycling, where post-industrial and natural materials were repurposed to create innovative solutions. From transforming plastic waste into modular seating to utilizing pineapple leaf fiber for fashion, these initiatives showcased Taiwan’s commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship.

A Thought-Provoking Experience

Upon entering the Taiwan Pavilion, visitors were immersed in a unique environment filled with thought-provoking questions and interactive displays. Designed by Atelier SUPERB and enhanced by S.SELECT LAB’s graphics, the exhibition encouraged reflection on the role of design in shaping our collective future.

Empowering Design Innovation

The exhibition not only highlighted the creative talents of Taiwanese designers but also emphasized the role of institutions like TDRI in fostering design innovation and collaboration. Through international exchanges and partnerships, Taiwan aims to elevate its design industry on a global scale.

Looking Ahead

As the curtains close on Milan Design Week, the legacy of the Taiwan Pavilion continues to inspire dialogue and collaboration across borders. By addressing pressing global challenges through design, Taiwan reaffirms its commitment to sustainable development and creative excellence.

For more information, visit TDRI’s website and follow IG_designintaiwan.

Official Organizer: Industrial Development Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan
Supported by: Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
Executive Organizer: Taiwan Design Research Institute
Curator: Eric Yu, Atelier SUPERB
Co-Curator: Tsung-Yen Hsieh
Location: Brera Design District, Via Pietro Maroncelli, 7, Milano
Dates: April 15th – 21st, 2024
Credits: ©Matteo Cirenei
SUR-MESURE by Marion Mailaender for ÉLITIS at Assab One

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