Jon Burgerman – Fast Food Doodle

jon burgerman

Jon Burgeman’s hand is like a magic wand with a felt tip attachment. His work is seen all over the world, on walls in exhibitions, on rugs, posters and t-shirts too, pretty much everywhere. It’s brimming with energy and vitality, it makes me want to dance round the room (and I am a very bad dancer).

The Nottingham born artist also spends time inspiring kids and supporting charity projects like Pencils of Promise, so that makes him a pretty good egg if you ask me.

Jon Burgerman

Did you doodle a lot at School?
Of course – and I got in trouble regularly for it. Even the condensation on the windows weren’t safe. Once I even got in trouble for someone else’s doodles, with the premise that I’d inspired copycat doodling!

When did you first realise this was something you could do as a career?
When I first got paid for it. I thought it was some kind of mistake and hoped no-one would notice. I still feel like that.

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Where are you based?
Presently I live in NYC. Someday I will hopefully live somewhere else. Living in new places is good for you.

Do you plan to expanding your style more into newer areas, eg photography?
Sure why not. I’ve design toys and soft sculpture before. It’s just an evolution of a practice and a continuation of a sensibility that runs through everything I do – whether it’s a drawing, video or song.

Do you have a piece of work you are particularly proud of?
Not really. They are all flawed in so many ways. Large murals do seem impressive though, if only
because they make you feel small and puny when stood against them.

How important do you think college is to become an artist?
It depends on the artist. It’s no essential. What is, is having time to think about your work and research and make work. There’s no quick fix to becoming an artist, and you’re only really challenging yourself when being one.

Jon Burgerman PortraitWhat is the best thing about doing what you do?
I can often spend the entire day in my pajamas eating cashew nuts.

If you could be another artist who would you be?
I’m not sure – I’ve never really thought about that. Maybe Takashi Murakami. I’d start to write dreamy novels where not much really happens and confuse a lot of people.

Do you eat burgers? If so where is your fav place to go for them?
Occasionally I will indulge in a veggie burger. I’d don’t have a regular place for them, I’m an opportunist burger muncher!

Jon’s exhibition FAST FOOD can currently be seen at SergeantPaper Gallery, 38 Rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris until Feb 25 2012.

Jon also does a really good blog on his website

For more info on Pencils of Promise visit