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After taking first prize and $25,000 on The Controller, a TV show inspired by the Battlefield 3 video game Kelly Kelley (AKA MrsViolence) has become something of a celebrity in the world of Pro-Gaming.

Chances are if you’ve come across her online the first time you knew about it was staring down the barrel of her MP412 REX pistol. Not one to rest on past glories Kelly has some exciting plans for the future and we caught up with her to find out more.

Mrs Violence

When did you start playing video games?
Well, since I can remember (I have long term memory loss), around 16 years old. But I’ve been told I started picking up the controller as early as 3! Duck hunt was easy to work with I guess!

Would you call yourself a pro gamer?
Absolutely! I’ve made a living off doing what I’m doing. Winning tournaments since the age of 12, and continuing to be a face in the competitive side of gaming has taken me places I never thought I could go. And the fact that I get paid to do a lot of these things means the world to me because I can’t see myself doing anything else. But, I’m no MLG Pro. – Well, technically I was a pro coach for Gears of War on the Major League Gaming Circuit, and I’ve placed semi pro twice in two games throughout the years.

How long do you spend on average playing per day?
About 6-8 hours. It really depends on the time of year, the games that have been recently released, etc. . . Lately though, about ten hours a day has gone into gaming. I’ve been hopping from Need for Speed the Run, to the new Halo Anniversary game, and of course Battlefield 3 and Halo Reach!

What skills do you think you need to be a top gamer?
I don’t think it comes down to skill, because I think everyone can become a top gamer, just gotta be able to practice right? Well this is the difference between a pro gamer and an amateur. Pro gamers literally make this their life! We eat, breathe, sleep pro gaming and we won’t stop until we’re satisfied with the cash prize. I honestly don’t see a lot of females in my stature because they don’t take this industry as seriously, and they DON’T make it their life like I do.

Time, dedication and passion, I believe, are the 3 biggest things you need to be a pro gamer.

mrs violence interview

Do you have any tips for Call of Duty players?
If you want a real challenge, please hit up the competitive playlists and – you need to realize that going hard in public matches is no big deal, try pulling those stats when you’re playing against a pro gamer that takes away all of your noob perks like noob tubes and kill streaks, etc.

Tips: Lead shots and don’t forget the almighty drop shot!

What are your top 3 fav games
Assassins Creed Series, Gears of War Series, Halo Series

Has WCG Gamer changed your life?
110%! I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am now without the exposure from WCG Ultimate Gamer. I gained a ton of publicity from the show even though I wasn’t anywhere near the top. My fans and friends still supported the opportunity, and gave me their support throughout the rest of my ongoing gaming career.

Do you get ever get recognised on the street?
Sometimes. Most of the time it’s at my local game stop I used to work for. Since my latest win on ‘The Controller Battlefield 3’, I’ve been working non stop on Mrs Violence Projects. I didn’t really have time to work Retail with the amount of publicity I just received from the gaming communities.

Do you think being a female has been an advantage or disadvantage in your gaming career so far?
It’s a hit and miss advantage. . . I wouldn’t say I ENJOY getting a lot of attention due to the sole fact that I am a girl, but it does make the job easier that’s for sure. But, I prefer to be called just a normal gamer – not a female gamer, or girl gamer. I never directly claim myself as one. I’m just a gamer like everyone else.

Do you have a social life away from gaming?
Sometimes! My social life is gaming. All my closest friends are gamers, and I met my best friend off Xbox Live about 7 years ago! Gamers just seem to get me. I don’t think I could date or have a bff that didn’t know what Assassins Creed is! But if I’m not gaming, you would probably find me watching sports, or going hunting with my dad!

What have you got planned for the year ahead?
New things for sure! I’m going to start live streaming, and hosting community play dates for my fans and I to game together! Along with looking to compete in this 1.6 Million dollar Battlefield 3 tournament (Details soon!).

Other than the holiday season coming up, I have a very exciting off season planned. So many new games came out in the 4th Quarter and I have them all, just haven’t had time since ‘The Controller’ to make time to play all of them. But I’m really looking forward to playing Assassins Creed and Elder Scrolls Skyrim!

What would you like to be doing in 10 years?
Other than gaming of course. I look to be on camera a lot more in Ten years! Maybe even start to act 😉 who knows! The possibilities are completely endless in this industry and that’s why I truly love it!

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