Interview: A Conversation with Frank Turner – 24 Oct 2021

Frank Turner performing at EXPRESS LIVE! in Columbus, Ohio

“I’d like to be known as somebody, who at the very least, tried to be considerate.”

It can be detrimental to meet your heroes for the disappointment you may endure in finding out more about them. I can be jaded by the truth, but I enjoy exposing fallible mortals as the bad-ass individuals they are. Frank Turner is known for his music and the number of shows he has performed worldwide since 2004. He keeps an online tally of every show date, and location. Sunday, he came to Columbus, Ohio to perform a stripped down set at one of the smaller venues in town appropriately named the Basement. Due to the pandemic, Frank is saving his full tour to support next year’s new full-length release, FTHC, due 11 Feb 2021.

Frank had some time for a Zoom conversation before the show. We talked about his upcoming release, being humble enough to play what the fans came to hear, and what he hopes to be known for.

20 minutes with Frank Turner via Zoom

This show sold out almost immediately, but almost never happened. The sound check of the band a floor above was entirely too loud for an acoustic set.Thanks to his crew, (Production manager, Dougie; Backline & Guitars, Ryan; and Tour Manager, Tre, it was merely delayed. In about. 90 minutes, they set up a stage at a larger venue, sharing the same sidewalk. Frank, and touring bandmate Matt Nasir performed on a stage the size of two folding card tables. It was as intimate as a coffee-house, or pub show can feel, although refreshments (and merch) were only available for purchase in the original venue just outside the front doors.

Frank is touring with Nathan Gray. For 20 years, Nathan was front man for Boysetsfire — the first band that Frank toured with as Frank Turner. Nathan and Frank both had an energy too large for their acoustic performances, but their conversational approach could only be achieved in such an intimate setting.

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Nathan Gray

Frank Turner

Harry Acosta

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