Film Review : Extraction

Thomas Jacobs is trapped for over 4 years, knowing that his daughter has probably been born but doesn’t know if he’ll ever get out to meet her. So like most people would Thomas invents a machine that enables him to go into someone’s head and observe their memories. When he runs out of funds he join forces with the Justice Department who wants to use his device to see into the minds of criminals to watch them commit their crimes.

Unfortunately the first time he tests the machine, Thomas gets trapped tuck inside the brain of the drug-addled convict (Anthony).

I know that scientifically this is (probably) not possible, but the intelligent story-telling makes it believable. The consequences of building such a machine are also scarily realistic, with the Justice Department fighting for the rights, making it a mandatory process to determine culpability. In principle, like Communism, it works. In reality there are always some people wanting more power than the others and Thomas has to fight for what he wants his machine used for.

Coming across as a strange blend of Inception and the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Extraction (or Extracted as it is known in the States) definitely leaves you thinking. It questions the brain, its quirks and how it can unfold and change your life. It also shows what seems to be an unlikely friendship (but is probably more Stockholm Syndrome) blossoming inside Anthony’s head.

In a strange way I see this as a story about enduring love. The love between Thomas and his wife, Thomas and his daughter who he is yet to meet, Anthony and his father who will do anything for him, Anthony and his murdered girlfriend, and between Thomas and Anthony themselves. This film is also about conflict between the love of Thomas trying to get back to his wife Nine out of 10and of Anthony trying to figure out what happened to his girlfriend.

Cast: Sasha Roiz, Jenny Mollen, Dominic Bogart. Directed by Nir Paniry.

Extraction is released on DVD in the UK on 9th September