Your Standard Magazine Subscription Will Pale In Comparison to these Alternative Services!

Most of us have signed up to some kind of subscription service at some point or another in our lives. Generally it will be for a magazine, newspaper, or other form of literature. There are various benefits of subscribing: you get the items delivered straight to your door (meaning no hurried trips to the stores for the latest edition of your favourite publication) and they are often offered at a cheaper rate than if you were to buy them individually.

However, lately, more and more subscription services have started popping up, straying further from the beaten track of glossy publications. Here are a few different subscription services to consider signing up to in the New Year.

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Many of us neglect our wardrobes. We just don’t have the time around work and other responsibilities to pop out to the shops regularly and pick up entirely new outfits. What’s more? Half the time we can’t even make our mind up once we do get to the store. So why not make life a little easier for yourself? Take a look at Their fashion subscription allows you to take a short quiz that will help designers and curators to find what will bring a smile to your face. Information regarding preferred sizing, colours, and styles also go to help them to find the perfect items for your expanding wardrobe. Every month they will customise a bespoke package filled with goodies that match your wishes and tastes. This package of three to four items will then be delivered to you free of charge. You also get a bonus extra item for the first month of your subscription as a special treat.

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Healthy Snacks

If you find yourself picking at bits and pieces throughout the day, your snacking tendencies will be better served by all-natural healthy snacks rather than crisps, chocolates, and sweets. The problem? The latter options are much easier to get a hold of when you’re out and about. Resolve this problem by signing up for a healthy snack subscription. Snack-size pots filled with goodies can be delivered to your home, office, or wherever else you might spend the majority of your time. Graze are the current market leaders in this field. You can note your preferences, helping the team to hand-pick the selection that they send out to meet your personal tastes and dietary requirements, while still ensuring you receive a little variety. The element of surprise is also enjoyable: you never quite know what you’re going to get! They also provide over 100 different options, all nutritionist approved. However, Graze aren’t the only brand out there. more options are constantly being put forward by competitors, so browse the market and opt for whatever appeals to you the most.

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Dog Treats

If you have a dog, you’ll know that they deserve treats too! So sign up for a subscription on their behalf. There are various brands out there that offer doggy subscription boxes, packed with treats, toys, and much more. A leading brand favoured by owners of four legged friends is the Bark Box. This comes packed with eight different items each month and advertises itself as a “box of happiness” for your beloved pet. The box will even come labelled to your pup! This is a great way to determine what brands and treats your dog likes too. Rather than risking it and investing in a full size pack of food or treats in your local store, you can give them a taster and see whether they’re going to wolf it down or turn their nose up. The icing on the cake? A small donation from each box is donated to an animal charity, meaning that other critters out there get a little tender loving care too.


Do you ever find yourself browsing the shelves of the tea aisle in your local store, overwhelmed by the options available to you? There are so many different blends and types of tea that it can be difficult to settle on one. What’s more is that you don’t really want to buy a whole bag of tea bags when you might not end up being all too fond of the flavour. The answer to all of your hot drink woes is a tea subscription. Bundles of individual teabags are sent out each month to give you a little taste of what’s on offer out there!

So, say goodbye to your usual subscription or add one of these on alongside it!

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