Photographic Exhibition: Ashley Maile

Metal Life Through A Lense

Possibly the only thing better than doing what you love, is sharing that love of what you are doing. Not for money, reward nor recognition, but doing it because you are compelled to. If you can make a living out of it, great, but that’s not the focal point. You’ve tapped into a life source of inspiration, mainlining the creative lay lines that are available to us all, but unfortunately most folk can’t see these energy lines for some reason. Thankfully there’s people around us to show, instil, teach, inspire, share and encourage this creative sight.

All too often such talented folk leave us well before we have learned to even creatively walk. We’re only crawling, but we persevere, as we’ve been exposed to something wonderful by them, we are no longer the same, and it is great. One such creative talent is Ashley Maile, who came over from Canada many years ago and became a lead photographer for all things in the world of metal music, Kerrang! magazine.

Sadly Ashley passed away last year, but to honour his absolute talent and love of the world he lived, loved and created in, his partner Caroline has curated an exhibition of Ashley’s outstanding work in 15 Batemen Street, London (12-22 June). To us the subjects of his photography are metal rock Gods (think Metallica, Biffy Clyro, Slash to name a few). To said Gods, they are Ashley’s friends, and it’s only that level of relationship with people that gets the results of the work in the exhibition.

It’s said that music is the spirit of life, but walking hand in hand with that spirit is someone capturing those briefest of moments, those maps to the lay lines. Ashley’s images completely capture that intensity, even in the quietest of moments. We can be inspired by the bands that soundtrack our lives, but we won’t all be musicians (that’s probably a very good thing). But there are many ways to share that inspiration, the sharing is the thing.

Ashley through his images and conversations shared and introduced me to loads of amazing bands, music and moments that have fundamentally changed and richly embellished my life forever, I am eternally grateful. To pro actively encourage that spirit is to honour him. If you love great music and brilliant photography, head along to the exhibition, be wooed, be inspired and most of all be creative.

Ashley Maile, Photographer runs from 12-22nd June 2014 in 15 Batemen Street, London, W1D 3AQ, and can be followed on @AMP_exhibition or the Ashley Maile Photography Exhibition facebook group.