Sponsored Post: The ‘Night(mare) Bus’


There’s nothing quite like the unique experience of catching a night bus home from the center of London after a late night out!

I lived in Sunny SE8 for over 10 years, and was no stranger to the delights of the N36 Bus back through Elephant and Castle and down the Old Kent Rd. True, occasionally something funny would happen, but nine times out of ten there would be a drama; loud music from the back seats, a passenger with no money stopping the bus driver from moving on (this was in the days before Oystercards), an argument between a guy and a girl, or a girl and a girl, or a guy and guy..

If you were lucky they’d be on the other end of the bus. If you were unlucky, they’d be right behind you, or worse… arguing with you. Then there was those more than a little worse the wear from alcohol, dribbling on your shoulder or from their trousers.

For the out-of-towner it was a wide-eyed initiation into the unsavoury side of the big smoke, and personally I don’t miss it in the slightest.

This video was produced to highlight the average night bus journey and nails it completely.

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Post sponsored by Kabee, but all thoughts are our own.