Review: BRONCHO- Just Enough Hip To Be Woman

There is by no means a shortage of middle-of-the-road tried and tested indie bands right now. They seem to be everywhere. There is no more room at the Inn. And for better or for worse, Oklahoma’s BRONCHO are more than happy to look for accommodation elsewhere.

Fortunately the album is not as nonsensical as the title may suggest. Well sort of, there is a heavy littering of ‘da-da-da-da-da’ and ‘ouuu-oou-ouuuu’ and other non-lexical vocals throughout ‘Just Enough Hip To Be Woman (JEHTBW)’ but to be brutally honest they are much less annoying than most. And if you can’t look past it then just concentrate on the grungy bass-lines instead. Well that’s the first cliché klaxon that’s gone off, regrettably adjectives like ‘catchy’, ‘refreshing’ and ‘infectious’ are unavoidable for a trio that are well, all of those things. ‘Stop Tricking’ and ‘Class Historian’ are prime examples of this.

JEHTBW has a familiarity about its garage rock genetic make-up, whether this is something you welcome or not, may well vary between individual listeners but there are enough erm… infectious hooks to entertain throughout its 30 minute run-time.

Just Enough Hip To Be Woman is out now via Dine Alone Records.

Matthew Cooper

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