Repeater – We Walk from Safety

Repeater are from Long Beach, California. That might surprise some people, their music evokes images of baron windswept landscapes rather than the native east coast sunshine they are probably more accustomed to.

Repeater the Band

The band have more in common with Idlewild and Franz Ferdinand than Van Halen and there is a definite ‘Englishness’ about Repeater. They’ve also built up a reputation around LA as an amazing live band.

Their new record We Walk from Safety is available to download, but the band have started a campaign to raise funds to get it released physically.. in the flesh, so to speak.

I think it’s a great idea allowing independent bands to gauge demand for a record, and should be the end of boxes full of CD’s left in the loft and penniless parents.

You can pledge anything from as little as $5 and get a download CD of unreleased Repeater stuff, up to $3000 and the band will come and play a show for you, paint your house, wash up, marry your sister and walk your dogs (well, almost).

The record was recorded with Ross Robinson, a man with a great track record, known in the industry for discovering Korn, Slipknot and At the Drive In, in addition to producing records by The Cure and Klaxons.

Good luck to them, they have got the songs to back up the effort.

If you want to donate you have until Tuesday 16th August more info here
Or visit the bands website