Peter Marchant: Space Invader

One of the great things about writing for Flush the Fashion is being able to highlight up and coming talent. We don’t care if a band or artist has sold 10 million or 10 copies of their record, if we like them we’ll write about them, or in the case of Northampton based singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Peter Marchant zero copies.

He hasn’t had a ‘proper’ record out yet, but he’s an exciting prospect for the future, and someone who definitely deserves some exposure (the decent kind).

peter marchant interview

Choosing to pass on a number of big label offers, he is currently recording and self-producing new material while still studying at University. His unpretentious blend of Queen / Ben Folds / Jellyfish songs are a breath of fresh air to a smog filled UK music scene. We had a quick chat with Peter before the lunch bell rang.

How did you get into music?
I would always be singing/shouting hymns the loudest in assembly when I was young(er), but I had virtually no interest in playing music, I was more interested in playing Playstation with my brother when I wasn’t at school. Then at the age of ten I started making ‘rap’ songs with the help of the preset backing tracks on our Yamaha keyboard.

My first song was called ‘Hunger For Fun’. Then I made my first band with my friend George aged 11. We were called ‘Alienheat’ and had one (awful) song called ‘Useless’.

When I was 13 I joined ‘Scribe’, and I played drums and vocals. My mum bought me a Yamaha Recording Deck (which I still heavily rely on now) and I started recording straight away. We played at various village halls and school rock nights. I taught myself guitar as well, since then I have been in a couple of other bands, but now my focus is on my solo recordings. With the help of Birmingham City University’s incredible studio facilities I’m recording my album.

How is the recording going?
Pretty good, I’ve got most of the basic tracks down now and I am really pleased with how they are sounding. As well as my own stuff I have been recording some covers too, things like Adele’s ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ and the Pokemon theme tune, which are going to be really fun to play live.

Peter Marchant – Space invaders by Flushthefashion

Do you have a plan for the record once it is finished?
I’m thinking of releasing the album myself on iTunes, and possibly having some CDs and Vinyls done of it and promoting it via Facebook, Twitter etc. I’ve just done a couple of small local gigs with a live band too consisting of Shaggy (my brother) on bass, Alex and Lee (from The Naishon) on guitar, and my mate from college Richard on drums (I’m playing piano, guitar and lead vocals). They went really well so we’ll definitely be doing more soon.

Keep an eye (or ear) out for new Peter’s new record on Flush the Fashion, or you can keep up to date with him on his Facebook page HERE.