Passport To Stockholm – Chemistry

Passport to Stockholm’s singer Barny Barnard and guitarist Tom Piggott have been writing songs together since they were 14, however it wasn’t until the fairly recent arrival of percussionist Henri Grimes, and cellist Mariona De Lamo did they begin to hone their personal brand of indie-folk to near-perfection.

Working with producers Gordon Mills Jr and Amy Wadge, some of the ears behind records for the likes of Lissie, Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner and Lewis Watson to name a few. Additionally, the quartet have been working closely with Carey Willets, of Athlete fame, whom they have built a strong bond with during the production and writing process.

In recent months they’ve been bubbling under the London music scene, selling out small venues and growing an audience big enough to fund their pledge music campaign in less than two days. The resulting ‘Chemistry’ EP contains (as you might suspect), this song ‘Chemistry’.

Look out for them playing live over the Summer and (hopefully) a debut album on the horizon.

For more info visit their facebook page HERE.