Sponsored Video: Wilkinson Sword #readytodule

Wilkinson Sword, the famous razor manufacturer began its life nearly 250 years ago in 1772 by esteemed Gun-maker Henry Nock. Originally they produced flintlock muskets and bayonets for the British Army, it’s reputation for quality grew and together with James Wilkinson they advanced to become pretty much the premier sword makers in the world.

Fast forward to now and it’s fair to say they’ve acquired a fair bit of experience making sharp objects and what to do with them.

That brings me nicely on to their latest Ad (see below). It’s a gung-ho, swash-buckling affair that brings to mind the classic swordplay drama of Zorro, with the romance of Cyrano de Bergerac. Interestingly the man and women are seemingly in the throes of a particularly unconventional courtship.

Exciting as it may be, the situation seems fraught with danger and the potential for mishaps. One wrong move either way and it could be disaster all round. Call me old-fashioned but pushing a potential partner though a glass roof has rarely been an aphrodisiac even in the most volatile of nightclubs. All ends well though and the pair finish the duel seemingly unscathed. I’m sure that’ll be the last time he leaves the toilet seat up anyway.

The concept has been thought up to connect with the feeling a Wilkinson Sword razor can give you; ie #readytodule

When I was ‘courting’ it would normally be tickets to the cinema followed by a couple of drinks and a packet of pork scratchings at the local pub. Less exciting maybe, but definitely safer.

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This ad is sponsored by Wilkinson Sword, but all thoughts are my own.