Music: Lea Porcealin EP Review

Night Drifting

We’re massive fans here on FLUSH of the Berlin duo Lea Porcelain. We gave their debut album a justifiably black light glowing 10/10 review () last June. It captured dreamy astral notes evoking a rich luscious velvet breeze, soothing hypnotic distracting sounds that protect us from the cacophony of the angry world around us, it had some gorgeous sinister elements too that only added to an overall seductive narrative.

The darker side of some of the tracks were later beautifully remixed, intensified and enhanced on an EP ‘Lea Porcelain Remixed’ which, true to form we openly embraced with our open loving arms in the air as if at an underground nightclub curated by David Lynch.

The guys are back now with the release of a new EP that broadens their midnight spectrum that was hinted at by a couple of tracks on the debut album. The same rich elements are there, but in a slightly more comforting essence, the menace is suppressed, the tranquillity turned up (Can I Really Decide, The Clock of Time) and is the perfect balance for the previous EP.

Celebrating the release is a new video of the guys (Julien Brecht, Markus Nikolaus) for ‘Can I Really Decide’ that has the vibes of a VERY stoned Easy Rider sequence set in Morocco, with a couple of worrying moments of maybe not paying attention to the road, nonetheless it’s still great.

Once again, as with all their compositions/collections, it’s a matter of pressing play, and just drifting away into the beautiful sonic worlds they create.

As you would hope, their live experience is just as luxurious and thankfully they are back on London shores on 4 June at the Sebright Arms, it is not to be missed.

Tracklist: 01. Gotta Run 02. If Time Was On My Side 03. Can I Really Decide 04. Clock of Time