Music Review: Lea Porcealin Remixed

If Satan Was A DJ

Back in the summer brightness of June, came the release of what is one of my top three albums of 2017. Despite all the splendid sunshine, the equivalent of a sonic German solar eclipse happened when Lea Porcelain released their debut album ‘Hymns To The Night’ which FLUSH gave 10/10 (review here).

Befitting the album title, there was a luxurious and enveloping, brooding, pulsating, hypnotic darkness to it all, tempting you into it’s dark tales. Added to that was an incredible level of production, epic horzionless soundscapes that swept you into other dimensions.

While the album truly held it’s own (you press play and let it play till the last dark note), the band had some excellent talent remix a number of singles, mixed with some great video work to. These are certainly a creative force who are going to be rightly huge, they already have the sound, their own talent, but also the ability to surround themselves with great talent in various fields.

Thankfully they have gathered a few of these remixes into an EP ‘Lea Porcelain Remixed’ that somewhat eradicates any thoughts that their sound couldn’t go any darker. Like that recent invention of the new Vanta Black (the blackest black ever invented), what you think is dark is relative, seeping back into a new gorgeous darkness on the EP we have Julien Bracht’s interpretation of ‘Loose Life’ which is just sumptuous on every level and worth the purchase of the EP alone.

But just like the album, the mixes flow, as if Beelzebub swapped his horns for some decks and soundtracked your giddy descent into a club called Hell.

The only issue I have with the EP is that it is in fact an EP, I would LOVE for it to be a whole album, let’s hope that there will be more forthcoming, as darkness never sounded so good.

Tracklist: 1. Similar Familiar (Ruede Hagelstein & Amin Fallaha Remix) 2. Warsaw Street (Scuba Remix) 3. Loose Life (Julien Bracht Remix) 4. Remember (Thom alt-J Remix)

‘Lea Porcelain Remixed’ by Lea Porcelain and their dark friends is out now.
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