Alice Cooper at Battersea Power Station live in Holographic 4D

The London landmark and star of Pink Floyd’s iconic ‘Animals’ record sleeve Battersea Power Station was home to an Alice Cooper concert with a difference last night…

Alice Cooper in Holographic 4D

Not one to hang around, Alice has skipped 3D and gone one better.. as in association with the very delicious Jägermeister, Alice and his ORIGINAL band recorded a concert in LA that was then ‘beamed’ on stage in Holographic 4D in London.

Yes, that is correct, NOT 3D, 4!

Alice Cooper in 4D at Battersea reviewThe resulting effect, while great fun, was never going to quite match the hype. It was pretty cool though, sort of, you didn’t need glasses and was a glimpse of the future.

The band played a strictly old school set that opened with ‘I’m Eighteen‘ and included ‘Be My Lover, Under My Wheels, Elected, No More Mister Nice Guy and Schools Out’.

The new members to Rock N Roll’s Hall of Fame could have almost been in the room (but they weren’t).

To the assembled Hard-Core Alice fans in attendance it didn’t really matter, they were just happy to be there and who could blame them.

Recent Kerrang Cover stars The King Blues kicked the event off with youthful exuberance, and were good too.

Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe kept the party flowing with a set energetic enough to get incite even the most inebriated in attendance to ‘wave their hands in the air like they just don’t care‘. Although by this point some of the legs were starting to wobble too..

Combine all this with graffiti artists, video projections on the Power Station walls, and endless amounts of free Jägermeister on hand, the night was definitely one to remember.

What really came across for me though wasn’t the 4D, or the stunning backdrop, or the free drinks, or the beautiful waitresses… it was how good the original members of Alice Cooper (the band) sounded together.

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The Alice Cooper (band) has seen a long list of talented musicians since this line up went their separate ways many years ago, but such is the special chemistry between the writers of these iconic songs, seeing them perform together I came away from the evening thinking only about their music.

And what great music it was.

PS, If you want to have a very quick look at the 4D experience, I took a very quick few seconds on my camera. Watch it here.