David Gilmour performs with Roger Waters on Wall Tour

Roger Water and Nick Mason with David Gilmour at the O2

Well for all those people wondering when and where David Gilmour was going to appear on the tour, last night was the night. The pair got together as promised for a ‘one off’ special performance of ‘Comfortably Numb’ as part of Roger Waters EPIC live show.

Later the pair were joined by ex-Floyd drummer Nick Mason later for a special acoustic version of ‘Outside the Wall‘, with Nick on Tambourine.

Here is a rather gritty hand held fan-made recording of Roger and David together, if you don’t watch it all, skip to 3:00mins. Brilliant!

Although both Roger and David had both stressed this was a one off (David slightly more than Roger) the London shows are being filmed for a special DVD of the tour.

So if you weren’t there – don’t worry! You should still be able to see it.

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