Sponsored Video – Compare the Market

Comare The Market - MeerkatsIt’s good to see facial hair come back into fashion recently.
First came Movember, a ‘moustache movement’ instrumental in encouraging the growth of follicle expression in the name of charity.

Now, featuring Maurice Wigglethorpe-Throom and his trusty assistant Spencer, Compare The Market are using big sideboards, chops, eyebrows and beards in their latest Ad to help people understand how credit card bills can quickly grow out of proportion.

By visiting Compare the Market you can see information on all 35 different cards that offer 0% Balance Transfers. From these only eight cards allow you to get credit back by spending money.

Easy to use, Compare the Market is a good place to look for the best prices on a growing range of products from insurance quotes and utility bills, to broadband packages, even personal loans and ISA’s.

What I like about this video is the complete lack of Meerkats, for some reason virtually everyone I know loves them. From my daughter, to the neighbours, even my great uncle has a toy one in pride of place in the living room. If you are a fan, you can buy the furry little things from the website too. Personally I prefer otters, they are cool swimmers, and they have good facial hair too.

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