A Sneak Peek Into the Fashionista’s Bedroom

Your bedroom, whether you like it or not, says a lot about you. Whether orchestrated or by natural evolution, it becomes a tailored space for you and those most intimate to you. So what would a bedroom say about a fashionista? Here we peek behind the door, under the bed and up the wardrobe to pick apart just what makes a fashionista’s bedroom. Maybe you’ll see some of yourself in the suggestions below!

The Décor
No enthusiast of high fashion and glamour would settle for ordinary in the decoration department. The bedroom is a statement as much as a personal space, so drab colour palettes and Cath Kidston pastels get thrown out of the window in place of sharp contrasts and rich features. Brilliant white pile carpets demand attention and provide a touch of decadence underfoot; textured wallpapers give the room body, and turn what are purely essential characteristics of a room into defining features. The ceiling and light fittings should reflect the floor thematically – decadent art-deco chandeliers and brilliant whiteness – making the walls all the more prominent and making you feel taller!

The Bed
No fashionista’s room is complete without a good bed; following trends and keeping up to date on high fashion is tiring work! The super-king beds at Bedstar are a good example of what you can expect from a fashionista’s sleeping quarters: a stylish, wide and deep berth of complete comfort. Black leather or cast iron sit well within the room’s décor, adding to the dark details and pulling everything in to the room’s centre. Under-mattress space provides much-needed storage for any out-of-style items the fashionista wants no one to see… Bed linens also provide a focal point for the room; the fashionista would have varying patterns and types of linen, allowing for a fresh look each time they change their sheets!


The Furniture
As with the bed, it’s important for any furniture to tie in well with the décor. Here there’s a catch-22: any fashion-centric room needs to avoid clutter to stay aesthetically pleasing, but any fashion-centric person needs as much storage as their extensive collection allows. No self-respecting fashionista would ever be without the best korean bb cream to keep their look in check and Mirrored furniture such as bedside tables and waist-high cabinets create an illusion of space, add a modern sharpness to proceedings, and provide as an easy way to check one’s style from the knees down!

The Mirror
Last but certainly not least for any self-respecting fashionista’s room is the oversize mirror. This should occupy a wall near the wardrobe, allowing for maximum efficiency in changing outfits and creating a fashion-centred space in the room, so clothes and clothe-thoughts are kept far far away from the sanctity of the bed.

With all this in mind, it is, of course, well worth remembering that fashionistas are certainly not ones to settle in to a look or feel – their work is never done, and their rooms never finished. How does your room look? Do you fit the fashionista bill?

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