The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet

The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet

The threat of Cyber crime and personal online security have become an ever increasing subject for debate and concern in recent times. In a new short movie ‘The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet’ (see the video below) made by Norton, filmmakers travel to the Romanian town of Ramnicu Valcea AKA ‘Hackerville’ to speak to some of the worlds most notorious hackers about the methods they use and motives behind their illegal online lifestyle.

Tinkode, Iceman and the wonderfully named Guccifer ((below) a combination of Gucci and Lucifer) are well known names in the world of black hat / white hat / grey hat cyber activities. For some it is about the feeling of power, while others are interested only in the financial rewards that can go with a life of cyber-crime. Each one has a different story, but virtually all are proud of their achievements, ironically even those who are talking from behind bars.

Everyone from NASA to Google to Hilary Clinton and Facebook have been compromised by the Romanian hackers and it’s interesting to hear one of them confess that when he first started trying to ‘hack’ email accounts and computer networks he was allowed access many times by using the password ‘123456’.

Now, thankfully these days most systems require you to use a secure login that has to be a certain number of characters/numbers etc. It sounds painfully obvious but avoiding family member names, birthdays and other easy to guess words is not only sensible, but essential to keep your privacy (and your money) safe in today’s ever more sophisticated online world. For more info on computer security visit Norton on Facebook

This video has been sponsored by Nortons but all thoughts are my own.

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