What Should A Videographer Put On To A Wedding

So if you know what a videographer inside a wedding event is, then you probably know what the job is. Suppose it is 2pm and you have been at work since 8 o’clock in the morning. Well, you still have 8 more hours to go and your feet are already hurting from standing in dress shoes. Your shoulder is falling apart by pain from carrying a heavy tripod and even your head hurts because the bride is arguing with her mother about the last-minute changes of the seating arrangement inside the wedding event. You are not even sure if you should record these stressful moments in your camera or retreat to another room to collect some other footage.

The fact is doing wedding videography is exhausting, with long hours excessively heavy equipment and along with the high level of stress factors inside your body and your mind. But along with all the negative sides, it is also really very incredible rewarding. As being a wedding photographer, you will more likely to be surrounded by people with joyfully celebrating mentality. Apart from that a wedding videographer usually thrive in a stressful environment and they always know that at least for a very small amount of portion of the job is to advise come and help the couple through the day’s events. 

As the camera person is the only one that stays with everyone at all times. So not only through the hard work of capturing the entire moment or the entire event is upon your heads, but also you have to go through all the people’s stress level at the same time. But remember a wedding videographer and the artistic mind inside his brain will always help to shape how the bride and the groom will remember the day as the day of their life and one of the best memories for the rest of their entire lives.

Considering the styles of a wedding video

There are quite a few types of wedding video that you can shoot through your camera with different perspectives. These types are commonly known as documentary-style the cinematic style the storytelling style the highlight style and the shoot only style.

The documentary-style is a piece which provides a straightforward recommendation of the wedding event which is typical of showing the action of the day in chronological order. In the meantime maintaining any given section such as the ceremony on the speeches it may be heavily edited and it is less likely that any of these actions will utilize heavy visual effects or any intercut from any other scenes of latter or prior of the event.

The cinematic style is a piece of work in which it is heavily dramatized to create a certain mood regarding the recommendation of the client. you probably have already spotted the basic difference between a normal video you should throw your camera or even your phone and that of a movie clip. There are quite some certain changes between these two such as the frame rate of the video along with the total video effects and cinematography. The cinematic style also features cinematography of such type that is more influenced by the dramatic actions of the events and highlighting them in a way that usually movie or cinema makers do.

The storytelling is more of a similar to a documentary-style video but there is a little catch to it. this type usually uses of fairly straightforward approach towards the event but with also incorporating along with a lot of interviews and dialogue which are not recorded on the wedding day itself in order to both build and push up the total value of the events or inside the storyline.

Occasionally a client may or may not request a shoot only video footage of the event. As per the terms of the name is same the definition also. A shoot only video is usually a type of video that a wedding videographer shoots through his camera with raw image and zero editing.

In such type of case, the videographer provides all the captured footage of the events for the bride and the groom to either watch unedited or to cut and edit and effect application by themselves. This is often used as a straight forward and rather a clean approach that encompasses much of the action as possible is best.

Make it beautiful

If not anything else a wedding is mostly about emotions and beauty of the moment. And you are going to need plenty of shorts for this according to hold up the true emotions of that moment through the footage. to be a successful wedding videographer, first of all, you need to get inside all the emotions inside the participants of the event. you need to feel all the emotions through their eyes and mines in order to create a similar of a somewhat emotional masterpiece.

Concentrate more and more on getting the ceremony mainly

in terms of talking about the ceremony itself this is one you need to shift your focus. just simply concentrate on getting it without thinking too much of the beauty just get the main factors regarding the ceremony itself. Many photographers also set up GoPro cameras around the couple so they can get some extra coverage of the entire ceremony without getting anything hampered by using extra personal or having extra camera persons running around here and there.

Finally, just ask yourself what is your job exactly and then start doing it

You already know what you have been hired for what your purpose is in the event and why are you getting paid for. Suppose that you are at your own wedding. And in the video of your wedding what are the things and in which manner would you like them to see in the clip? close you’re I wants to take a deep breath and then have a basic plan of what exactly the things you are going to do. And then start doing it.