Wearing Socks With Sandals Is Now In Fashion. How The Heck Did That Happen?

If you thought that socks and sandals were out of fashion, you’re in for a rude awakening. According to celebrities as diverse as Justin Bieber and Katie Holmes, they’re back in vogue – in a big way. 

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Celebrities began posting images of themselves wearing sandals with socks on their social media accounts at the start of the year. The trend looked set to hit the mainstream, with major fashion magazines, like Vogue, reporting on it at the beginning of March. The pandemic, however, diverted attention from this strange quirk in the fashion world. But rest assured, it’s going to make a come-back once the lockdown ends. Just you wait. 

For years, fashionistas have berated dorky dads for wearing socks with sandals. It was the ultimate sign that you had no idea what you were doing when it came to clothing choices. But “strange” trends have a habit of being carried forward in the fashion world. What seems like a genuine faux-pas can suddenly become a very fashionable thing to do. 

We see this trend play out all over the place. Once upon a time, the only place you saw jeans hanging down from the waist was on building sites. If you looked hard enough, you could see a bit of bum crack as builders squatted. Then there’s the experience with glasses. In the past, wearing spectacles was a geeky thing. But today, it’s a sign of style and sophistication. People who wear glasses are much more likely to get promotions at work and be considered intelligent. Other trends, like tattoos, have become mainstream. And men are now allowed to wear salmon pink wherever they go, including the office. 

Some People Still Aren’t Convinced

Just because many celebrities are wearing socks with sandals doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right thing to do. Famous people have a habit of taking risks with their style – and it doesn’t always pay off. 

Having said that, even the big fashion houses are getting in on the trend. We’ve seen multiple brands include socks with sandals in their 2020 collections. Granted, a lot of this activity is on the women’s side of the market, with designers pairing the look with dresses and petticoats. But there’s also a move to make the ultimate dad-fashion choice hip too. 

Whether this is a marketing gimmick remains to be seen. The fashion industry is struggling because of the lockdown and its inability to sell clothes at the usual rate. It needs weird stories to keep them going. 

A lot of the industry’s usual activities can’t go ahead. Catwalks have been on hold for several months now. And the next big event planned for the sector will be in London sometime in September according to the organizers. However, we’re still waiting for confirmation. 

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other options for men who don’t particularly want to wear socks and sandals at the same time. The best designer shoes at Arthur Knight, for instance, can help you instantly achieve fashionable feet, without the risk of sending out the wrong signals. If you have a penchant for wearing socks, then going with regular shoes makes sense. 

Casual And Luxe

The idea of socks and sandals being “casual” won’t strike anyone as being particularly innovative but making the look “luxe” will. Designers are giving it a go, pairing socks and sandals with designer jackets, luxury watches, cotton shirts, and even luxury tracksuits. The effect is actually a little weird, but once you get used to it, it makes sense. 

Running the gamut like this is unusual for any type of clothing. But for sandals, it seems even more “out there.” Sandals won’t be making an appearance at dinner parties anytime soon. Still, it is interesting to imagine them becoming a feature in the Michelin-starred restaurants of Monaco or Geneva’s Lac Leman promenade. 

How To Pull Off A Socks And Sandals Look

David Beckham recently wore a blue suit with red socks and brown sandals. It was a bold choice. How did he get away with it? 

Partly, he managed to pull it off because he’s a multi-millionaire football star. But it also comes from the fact that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to fashion choices. His feet were outrageous, but he deftly kept the tone of the rest of his outfit subdued. The black sweater under the blue blazer was a stroke of genius that almost made the rest of him look demure. Everything was about the red socks. 

People are now asking why the look has suddenly become so popular. Social media has undoubtedly played a role. But for many men, it’s an act of rebellion. For years, we’ve wanted to wear socks with sandals, but the fashion elite told us that we couldn’t. Some high-profile men are stepping out and committing a mortal sin by wearing two clothing items, which many claim you can never pair. 

Men like being rebellious. They get a kick out of going against the grain and just doing their own thing. And nowhere is that more apparent with this latest trend. 

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, there’s no practical or aesthetic reason why you can’t wear socks with sandals. In fact, wearing socks provide more opportunities for customization because you can see the color through holes in the outer material. It opens up a bunch of opportunities to go full boho. 

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Purists won’t like the idea of men wearing socks with sandals. For years, it’s been a way for the fashion elite to differentiate themselves from the ignorant masses. But, revolutions happen in the fashion world all the time. Things don’t stay the same for long. They tend to develop, ebb, and flow over time. It only takes a couple of celebrities posting on Instagram to change the perceptions of a generation. If Justin Bieber thinks it’s okay to wear socks with sandals, it won’t be long before the rest of the world follows suit. That’s just the way that it goes. 

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