Fashion: Men’s fashion summer trends

With summer starting to make a tentative appearance, you need to be thinking about how to adapt your wardrobe not just to accommodate the warmer weather, but also the hottest trends of the season.

Men’s fashion retailers are ready to step up with key seasonal pieces, and if the reviews are anything to go by, you are all keen to snap them up, but what should you be focusing on? Read on to find out.


No longer just for the office, pinstripe suits are coming back in a big way for summer 2020. Ideal for intimate outdoor weddings or any event that calls for a more formal ensemble, you’ll enjoy the physique-flattering pattern and all the compliments that come your way. You could actually nail two trends in one by choosing a striped seersucker jacket. Style with simple shirts and ties to avoid going overboard.


It’s time to embrace a little pattern if you want to stay current. Everything goes, from discreet polka dots all the way through to full-on Magnum PI Hawaiian shirts with bold florals and even brighter colours. Keep things modern by choosing more fitted shapes, and remember that Tom Selleck had enough chest hair to warrant undoing an extra button – you might not want to follow suit.


If you can handle a floral shirt, you can definitely stand to invest in a pair of pastel-coloured kicks. Ice-cream shades are proving the most popular, with mint, peach, salmon and baby blue all ranking high on the must-have list.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that this fashion trend started out in LA, but it has quickly moved around the world, and does pair well with exuberant summer shirts.


Unless you’re hitting the office for smart-casual day, your jeans don’t need to be dark or neat anymore. The trendiest among you are still reaching for light denim with an overly lived-in look that’s perfect for pairing with trainers, loafers, boots and flip-flops.

If you’re far more of a dark denim advocate, you can wear them distressed, but as more of an evening look. For sunny days, it’s all about that stone or acid wash.


Aviators are great and Wayfarers will never go out of style, but if you’re looking to be current, you have to add a pair of round sunglasses into your daily rotation. Adding some old school flair to your outfit, they work well with a patterned shirt, as well as loafers for a Riviera vibe. Think Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley.


The waterproof loafer that promises to keep all sailors upright while on the waves have come back into summer style in a big way, in part because of the trousers and shorts that are proving popular this year. Everything seems to be a little shorter than in previous years, meaning all eyes will gravitate down to your footwear and nothing says summer like a deck shoe/loafer. Choose white or a similarly light colour to keep things bright and don’t be afraid to show a little more calf than usual.


Note that this trend is not called ‘slogan T-shirts’. A statement tee can be anything form a fitted silhouette with an abstract print to an oversized designer piece with a political statement, but the overall look needs to be stylish. Jokes and cartoonish tees do not exude the same style or presence, so if you’re not sure, stay away from words and stick to bold prints.


Those in the know are ditching their belts and leaving their waistbands uninhibited this summer, in favour of a more casual look. You’ll want to pick up pieces that are better tailored to your shape to make this style work.


A summer staple, white chinos are the perfect partner for deck shoes and patterned shirts. If you’re not entirely sold on white, a light grey could also work well and a turn-up to reveal your ankles is highly recommended. One thing to be wary of is your choice of underwear, as even high-quality chinos run the risk of showing lines and dark colours. Choose something close fitting and light in tone to avoid any mishaps.


Finally, you need to make sure that once you emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown, your grooming schedule gets an overhaul. Get your hair cut, or if you braved a quarantine shave, keep it neat and spend some time shaping any new facial hair, too.

Summer fashion trends don’t need to all be worn together, but by adding one or two key pieces to every outfit, you can make sure you always look current and feel comfortable in the heat.

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