Style Tips Every Man Should Master

Finding your own personal style and following basic fashion tips can help you feel more confident and make a good first impression. Whether it is on the job, on a date, or out with friends, the way you dress says a lot about you to everyone you meet. It can also boost your confidence when you know you look your best. Here are some general fashion tips that you can incorporate into your own personal style. 

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No matter what your job is, you should have at least one good suit. The key to having a good suit is all in the fit. If you are just buying a suit from a store, be sure that you focus on fitting across the shoulders because altering the rest of it is much easier. 

If you don’t wear suits very often, find something versatile that isn’t going to go out of style quickly. Start with a dark suit with two-buttons, and single-breasted. Starting with this simple canvas, you can add and change details and accessories to match current fashion trends and your own personality. You should also be careful how you store your suit to make sure it will last a long time. 


You should also invest in a good watch. You should choose a watch that you love and feels personal to you. You should also try to find one that is versatile that you can wear with a casual outfit or more dressed up. You should also think about what your daily life is like when purchasing a watch. Do you need it to be waterproof or extra durable? You should also think about the extra features that you will use frequently. 


Starting with basic outfit items and then personalizing with accessories is a great way to dip your toes into the fashion world. Doing this will help you discover your own style and become more confident in your fashion choices without needing to redo your wardrobe many times. Items like men’s glasses, sunglasses, ties, belts, and socks will help you discover what you like and want to add more of into your wardrobe. 


Another basic item that you don’t want to ignore is your footwear. You want shoes that will be comfortable but functional for your lifestyle. Finding something simple and quality made will help you to make a purchase that will last longer. Finding a shoe with a round toe is a good starting place because square or pointed toe shoes go in and out of style too quickly. 


Jeans are a staple for any wardrobe. Whether your workplace is casual or you need something to wear on weekends, jeans are an item you can’t skip. Finding a cut of jeans that you feel comfortable wearing is essential. The most versatile cut is slim-tapered because it is wider in the thigh for comfort but narrows so you can wear it with casual shoes or dressed up a bit. You should also aim for a dark denim to start because it is the easiest to pair with other items. 

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