Vacation Ideas For Movie Buffs

Summer is the perfect time for rest, relaxation, and catching up on all of the movies you have missed on Netflix because you had to go to work!

Still, you probably don’t want to spend all your vacation time in front of the box, even if you are a movie buff. Instead, consider a holiday where you can recapture the thrills and spills of the silver screen in your own life. We have picked out three of the world’s best destinations for film lovers, with some of the top locations within each to catch your interest.

Be a part of New York

Where Harry met Sally (image)

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, consider the Plaza Hotel. Why? Because it has been the scene of many a movie, including Crocodile Dundee, The Great Gatsby, and Home Alone 2. Unlike Kevin in that movie, you won’t get lost in New York if you grab a map to help you find some of the other famous locations. Make like Audrey Hepburn and have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s; don’t delay a visit to New York Public Library by going The Day After Tomorrow; and pop up to the Empire State Building to see if your childhood sweetheart is waiting for you – Sleepless in Seattle – or, at the very least, King Kong! Then why not have what she’s having at Katz’s Deli where Sally dined with Harry (you know the movie), or accept an offer you can’t refuse by visiting Little City, one of the many locations in The Godfather movies. As the song from On The Town goes, “New York, New York, it’s a wonderful town!” The city that never sleeps? Neither will you!

Go La La in LA

Going La La (image)

What better place to visit than the birthplace of Hollywood itself. Book yourself a place at the Courtyard Los Angeles Westside, where you can visit nearby locations from some of Laurel and Hardy’s famous movies, including the classic short, Leave ‘Em Laughing. Then take one of the many Hollywood tours, or visit popular locations such as the Hollywood Sign and Walk of Fame yourself. The romantics among you should sit on the bench alongside Grand Central Market from the movie 500 Days of Summer. Replicants should visit Union Station where Deckard (Harrison Ford) made his office in Blade Runner. Those who went la la for La La Land should see the city of stars from the The Griffith Observatory and visit the cafe from the movie on the Warner Brothers set. And of course, no Die Hard fan would want to miss the sight of the Nakatomi Plaza, though it’s the actually the headquarters of 20th Century Fox, so don’t think about storming the place shouting “Yippee Kayee Motherbleeper”!

Watch the sky fall in London

Where the magic begins (image)
Okay Chicken Little, the sky won’t actually fall, we were just making a reference to the classic Bond movie, Skyfall, where Daniel Craig surveyed the city’s iconic skyline. You can do the same if you book yourself a stay at one of the many hotels in old Blighty, and then take a tour of some of the famous movie locations in the capital. You could stand on platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station if you’re a Harry Potter fan, or visit the making of these magical films at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. Romantics should wait like a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her at Notting Hill. Make like Jason Bourne and chase after spies at Charing Cross Underground, and then take the tube, being mindful of the Sliding Doors. Feed pigeons at Trafalgar Square a’ la Mary Poppins, but watch out for bird droppings. And then visit Madame Tussauds for a glimpse of your favourite movie stars, even if they are all made out of wax.

And the winner is…

What do you think? Which locations do you recommend? Be sure to let us know, and we will give you an Oscar (our eternal respect) for your trouble.