5 Signs You’re A Real Film & Telly Buff

Everyone enjoys films and television, but some people love them more than others. Do you suspect that you fall into the category of most passionate viewers? If so, there’s a good chance that you’ll consume this media in a slightly different ways to others.

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Here are five indications that you are indeed a genuine film buff and TV lover. So, let’s find out if you really fit the bill.

You Know When The Latest Films / Shows Are Out

Enjoying programmes and trips to the cinema is one thing, but counting down the days until new releases are out is another altogether. Likewise, if you know about the iconic cars in Ready Player One or have tracked news ahead of The Incredibles 2, films are your passion. On a similar note, if you have set aside an evening to binge watch the newest Netflix shows, your love of this entertainment is greater than most.

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Your Knowledge Covers Various Genres

Having a love of one film or a TV show is pretty ordinary. However, those with a genuine love of cinema and television boast a broad knowledge. If your interests expand across romance, action, sport, sci-fi and other genres, you’ll watch just about anything. A recognition of items, as well as characters, is another telltale sign. As such, this Factory Direct Flooring quiz is great fun for passionate fans. Get a high score on it, and you clearly love your programmes.

Flicks Influence Your Daily Interactions

When you truly love a TV show or a film serious, there’s a good chance that your passion will affect the way you act. If you find yourself repeating lines or quotes in your personal life or when interacting with friends, your love is pretty clear. While genuine catchphrases are quite likely to impact most people, it’s the throwaway lines that are a true indication. If you and your friends can recognise those obscure references and use them in conversation, this is pretty clear evidence.

You Collect Memorabilia

For a lot of people, consuming those pieces is all about the viewing experience. For really passionate fans, however, there is a need to take things even further. Collecting toys and Pop Vinyl is very common among the biggest addicts. Meanwhile, Ewbank Auctions film memorabilia is another way for hardcore fans to get their hands on valuable items. On a similar note, you may be an autograph collector. Either way, needing more than the film or show itself says quite a lot.

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You’ve Built A Holiday Around This Passion

We’ve all seen a destination on television and thought “I’d love to go there one day”. However, this is a vastly different concept to visiting Dubrovnik due to the Game of Thrones scenes. If you’ve ever built your trips around filming locations, you clearly have a genuine passion for your favourite show or film. Alternatively, you may have booked tickets for an ‘evening with’ event where your favourite actor is in attendance. This can include film conventions.

So, if those five points sound like an accurate description of you, you’re a clear film buff. Embrace it!